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Don’t call me madam!


This week, it suddenly hit me…it is only just over two years until I turn 50… It hit in the middle of a bar, when I was out with my husband and a friend, and the bar attendant called me ‘madam’.

Yes, he was trying to be polite…I know after years of working behind bars myself that he wasn’t trying to be nasty…but when did I stop being ‘Miss’?

I know, I know the world is not ending, but I also know I have changed over the last few years. I lose patience with things more quickly, I find that I think that some things are just really stupid and do not understand why they do them (Selfies are a particular bug bear of mine…I just do not understand WHY! Why would you pout and take a photo and think that is cool?) and I have also discovered that my body does not respond like it used to. I can’t eat whatever I want without it heading straight to my hips, I used to be slim!

I also had my son quite early in life…so now I am not interested in talking about babies so much! I don’t care about nappies! Some mums just do not SHUT UP about their ‘wonderful’ children!

Then of course, after being called ‘Madam’ I drank a little too much…and what happens…not a morning hangover, but a hangover that lasts for DAYS!

What is that about?

So, I have decided to set up #mags. After all, I cannot be the only woman in the world who is starting to have a little panic about getting old, who is worried about her body ‘going south’ and of course, instead of having the mid life crisis men do (no new car for me!)..I am now taking a whole different direction in life and becoming an entrepreneur with a couple of different businesses on the go.

Want to take my journey with me? Follow me for weekly blogs…I will be covering everything from husbands to trying to get her body to go ‘north’ instead of ‘south’.

To find out if you are also a #mags – check out my checklist below!

  1. You used to be able to party all night, now, you have a few drinks and you want to go to bed at a reasonable time, and you also find hangovers last for DAYS!
  2. You look at the new young male celebrities and think ‘oh, what a lovely child’ instead of ‘he is hot’!
  3. You get annoyed with 20 somethings talking incessantly about babies, weddings and how they will juggle their careers whilst having children. Get on with it girls – we did it and find our children turned out ok!
  4. You are now ‘too experienced’ when applying for new jobs…you know they actually mean you are getting too old.
  5. You know that selfies are ridiculous! What happened to being someone who avoided the camera!
  6. You do not want to shop with the ‘girls’ anymore. You have to sneak into shops on your own…after all, no-one wants to share their dress size.
  7. Whilst in clothes shops, you DO NOT want the pretty young thing to help you try on clothes. They obviously haven’t eaten for days (maybe months).
  8. You look at celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, and just do not believe she is the same age as yourself. Either that, or every picture you see of her is air brushed.
  9. You are starting to understand everything your mother ever nagged you about…you feel you might have become her!
  10. Finally, when things such as Pokemon go come out, you wonder if the world is slowly going mad!

This list, I am sure will be added to as time goes on! What makes you a #mags ?

See you next week!

Mags xx


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