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Talking Taboo…Menopause!


It might seem strange to some…wanting Menopause to happen..but I have been waiting for it to start for years! I am now nearly 48 years old, so it must happen soon!

I had my son quite early in life, and I did not want more children, so really Menopause was something I could look forward to!

I know, I know, the symptoms can be nasty, and no-one can tell you exactly how long they will last. Apparently the length of menopause varies from woman to woman. I know I am up for hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, headaches, mood changes (although, I think I already have this symptom, and I seem to have been having this symptom all my life!) and the list goes on! How do I know this – I googled to find out about it! 

No-one seems to want to talk about it. It seems to be more taboo than talking about periods. We women are quite happy to sit over coffee or a glass of wine and talk about almost anything…yet, I have never been privy to a conversation about Menopause with any of my friends.

So why do I want Menopause to happen…well, it is because of Tampons.

Majority of Tampons seem to have been designed by men (in my opinion…I have no idea who actually designs them, if I could be bothered, I suppose I could google it, but I prefer to think no woman would design a bad tampon!). They are uncomfortable, not easy to insert, and everyone ends up with their “favourite brand” that they can use that are not so uncomfortable. Yes, I know I could use pads – but they never seem to sit right with me either!

Maybe I am just whinging… (could be those mood changes kicking in!).

I eventually found my favourite brand only last year…Tampax Pearl. So easy to use, comfortable – they are a perfect fit for me (excuse the pun!)…and then a couple of months ago I moved countries.

I am now in a country where I CAN’T FIND THEM (yes, I am shouting!). I have searched shops high and low. I am now having to use another brand…which quite frankly are terrible. There are limited options here it seems…

It also makes me mad that so many countries or states within countries still tax Tampons as a ‘luxury item’. Why would having an egg rip through the walls of your uterus followed by menstruation for around a week be considered a luxury?

Yes, you guessed it…I am in the middle of my period. I am cranky with these tampons I have to use, and my poor long suffering husband is putting up with my mood. I can’t imagine he is looking forward to the ‘mood changes’ when Menopause eventually does kick in…but I bet he will be glad when it is all over and there are no more monthly periods to deal with (of course, I am yet to tell him that I could turn into a grumpy old woman then!)

After all…who knows how long I will end up going through Menopause for!

Speak again next week…

Mags xx


One thought on “Talking Taboo…Menopause!

  1. I’ve just turned 53 and for me it started three years ago. The first year was a bit challenging with all of the irregularity involved (a couple of times I thought I would die of blood loss…) but overall it went smoothly for me. It’s been a good two years in the clear now and I can say I honestly don’t miss the monthly! I was a late bloomer and an early quitter. Yeah!

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