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Is getting older making me selfish?

Yes, I know I said I would write one blog a week…but I was chatting with one of my sisters on the phone this morning, and this made me think…

Is getting older is making me more selfish!

I had my son when I was young, but some people around me close to my age are only now having children….and I do not envy them one bit! They talk about baby stuff, stop travelling, they can’t go out for coffee or more importantly a glass of wine when they want to…they have to ‘work around the children’.

I, on the other hand, can do whatever I like! I also (and get ready for this one!) have no wish to talk about babies all the time. I do not care about nappies, what the latest way to treat your child is (mind you, the ones out there that think they should never discipline their children…you are in for one hell of a ride if you don’t discipline them! They will never learn what is acceptable if you don’t! Rant over!), how clever/gifted your little one is or about what foods are good for them and so on.

I can eat chocolate cake for breakfast if I want…I can have a glass of wine on a Monday night, I can stay up as late as I like, or go to bed as early as I like (early is more likely…I find I can’t stay up late most nights!!!).

It also seems to shock some people I know now because I am not afraid anymore to say what I think. Don’t get me wrong, I hate confrontation…but I am very vocal about what I think now (and I like to think I am always right!). This has only happened over the last few years….I really do not care what others think about me anymore.

I find I put myself first much more now…I used to always put others first, but I know think before doing this….’How will this affect me?’

Don’t get me wrong…I still say thank you to people, I still do caring things for others close to me…but I just find I can put myself first sometimes!

So, does this make me selfish…or does it just mean that I am now more comfortable being me?

Speak again soon!

Mags xxx


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