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Body overhauls…sprouting hairs!

What is with doing a body overhaul that makes you feel good?

Why does ‘middle age spread’ occur when your legs need to be shaved more often, and it gets harder and harder to reach them to get that ugly hair off your legs? It is not just your legs of course, hair removal cream, tweezers are all now a major part of life!

Yes, I could go to the beauticians, have my legs waxed, get my eyebrows done and more, but I have never been comfortable with that. I often wondered if they all chat afterwards about that ‘hairy wrinkly’ woman they just had in. They are frequently very young (sometimes I wonder why they are allowed to deal with hot wax, as they look so young, I can’t imagine they are allowed to boil water on the stove!), made up with no wrinkles, and seemingly no wayward hairs! What is with that? Why can’t some of them be just like me…getting on a bit, finding it harder and harder to keep the body maintenance up and of course, wearing trousers on some days just because you can’t be bothered!

The world we live in seems to want us to mimic those perfect women you see in magazines, on TV and on commercials! We feel we have to keep doing body overhauls just to keep up with ‘the joneses’. The pressure is immense!

Men do not seem to have this problem so much…they do not have to worry if they go grey, start balding and so on…some men (my husband included!) look sexy with grey hair (also think George Clooney! We must never forget George!). Wrinkles on men seem to show ‘character’….wrinkles on women just mean that you can’t wear eyeliner without it running into the wrinkles and making you look even older!

So, this morning, I got up after having not shaved my legs for a couple of weeks and felt, well, quite frankly, like shite! It seems to be ingrained into my head that I must go through a body overhaul otherwise I will lack confidence and will not feel myself. I looked at my nails which have peeling nail polish, and wondered how they got into such a state.

What does that mean for my day today…well, apart from everything else I need to get done…it also means I have to spend a load of time doing a ‘body overhaul’. Otherwise, I will continue to feel like crap.

I read articles on women that spend a fortune on plastic surgery, and I am beginning to understand why they do it. It seems to be accepted that men are allowed to let themselves go a little, but us women have to keep up appearances for eternity (think Donald Trump and his wife Melania….yes, I know he has money…but, really?!!). Does this mean I am not a confident person? No, I am confident (especially after turning 40 years ago…there was something about turning 40 that gives you a whole other level of confidence!), but for some unknown reason, it is stuck in my head that I must keep my body maintained to what is considered to be ‘beautiful’.

I do not want to be like this…I am now at an age where I don’t care so much what people think about me, I am not afraid to speak out and ‘say my piece’ and yet, I feel like ‘crap’ when I haven’t done a body overhaul for awhile. I know, once I get into that bathroom this morning and complete a body overhaul, I will feel much better about myself.

In the media…the problem is exasperated – after all, can you imagine the uproar is one of the Kardashians suddenly appeared on the red carpet with hairy legs! Nothing else would be talked about for weeks.

Who do I blame for this…Barbie of course! She appeared in our lives when we were very young, and this started the expectations within our own heads. After all, ever see a Barbie doll with hairy legs, bushy eyebrows, chipped nail polish or hairs sprouting out of  places they shouldn’t?!!

Right, I have to go…my body overhaul is calling!

Mags xx


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