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Does being middle aged mean no patience?

Yes, I think so…

I spent 30 years of my life in the hospitality industry. I loved it with a passion…but recently gave it up when I moved countries.

I had moved countries before, I am from Australia, but I have been living in the UK for years, I did one year in Indonesia, and now a couple of months ago I moved to Vietnam. I love to travel…and have spent much of my life doing this.

So why did I stop running hospitality businesses? I lost patience. I no longer have the patience to deal with customers who just ‘want, want, want’. I cannot deal with everyone who think because they watched a cooking show once now are experts in food. This goes for wine and beer too. Everyone has become an expert. I am sure it not just my industry either – everyone goes to ‘google’ when they want to know something, without knowing if that information is actually true.

I knew I had to get out of it when a customer made a complaint, and instead of me handling this correctly, I basically told them to get lost. This is not good. After they had gone, I was ashamed of myself…but would I do anything different if it happened today?

Now I miss working in hospitaliy. But only parts of it. I do consultancy work for some businesses within the industry. I have no problem training others to do it, helping other businesses get to their fullest potential…but the thought of having to deal with customers myself just makes me want to kill someone!

I go to restaurants and bars and feel sorry for the staff. I see other tables making negative comments and I just want to go to their table and give them ‘what for’.

Of course, it is not just work where I have lost my patience, it is everywhere. I have become the ‘cranky lady’ in the queue in shops, on the road…well basically anywhere.

What makes me really mad?


(like the one in the picture! There is nothing beautiful about non patient women!!)

So where did my patience go? No idea…I think somewhere into the world of being middle aged!

Maybe…it is just part of my mid life crisis!

Mags xx


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