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C’mon Canada…! Cougar and a Moose!

Do you have a friend that is a ‘Cougar’? I think we all do…but why are they called Cougars?

Men seem to get away with more…there are so many men with younger wives/girlfriends, and that just seems to be normal. We don’t blink at all when we hear people such as Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King, Steve Martin (the list goes on!) have married women much younger than them.

Then we flip to the other side…women dating younger men and all of a sudden the woman is labelled as a Cougar? Madonna, J-lo and many others have dated younger men…and all of a sudden that becomes ‘news’! It rarely makes the ‘news’ when a man starts dating a younger woman, as that seems to be acceptable.

It used to make sense to me that women would date younger men, as previous studies had shown women do not hit their sexual peak until their mid 30’s and men hit it in late adolescence. However, I am not sure that this is actually true. I do think we women become more comfortable with our own bodies, and become less afraid to ask for what we want in the bedroom…so maybe that is why it is considered that women hit their sexual peak later in life.

Wilkipedia states that it is thought that the word Cougar originated either in Western Canada from a dating website that was set up called ‘’ or in Vancouver as a put down for women that stayed in bars until close and went home with whatever was left. The term is used generally for women in their 40’s or above that date men 8 years or more younger than themselves. Either way…it appears the Canadians seem to have come up with the label.

But why, as a society do we have to label women but not men? It sort of does come across as derogatory for women, but its fine for men.

Maybe the Canadians could come up with a male name for such things…I was thinking we could call them Moose men! Apparently the males (Bulls) spend their entire mating season fighting for females. attention..sounds a bit like the bar or pub on a Saturday night from my youth!

Then the ‘news’ channels could talk about Moose men in the same way. Instead of us talking about the younger woman as a ‘gold digger’ (yes, I know we are all guilty of doing this) why don’t we talk about the man the same way as a Cougar is spoken about?

We could have headlines that read ‘Harrison Ford is a Moose’ or ‘Calista Flockhart marries a Moose!’ I know I would read those articles!

So Canada, do you accept the challenge to create this one as well? It only seems fair!

Mags xx


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