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2017 – It’s Year of the MAGS!

Whilst thinking In the shower this morning (as you do!) I have started my day with ‘umph’! I am busy with two different projects and a new job to start. I love being busy, I also love it when I don’t have period pain, I am not having mood swings (as does my hubby I…… Continue reading 2017 – It’s Year of the MAGS!

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Christmas eve…romantic proposals!

So, its Christmas eve. Its finally here! There are couples all over the world starting to stress about how to fit in visiting all the family – both sides, and timing it well enough so that neither family is offended. The last minute shopping (I have done all mine, gloat, gloat!) is being done, and…… Continue reading Christmas eve…romantic proposals!

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Rayner, Gove, Trump and Twitter.

Who is better at the ‘twitter’ race to keep entire nations amused – Michael Gove or Donald Trump? Reading through twitter, I am in fits of laughter! Michael Gove has been trolling Jay Rayner, just because Jay Rayner is promoting his own book! You don’t see Theresa May doing this…now why don’t middle aged women…… Continue reading Rayner, Gove, Trump and Twitter.