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Dancing around…80’s style!

Last night…I listened to loads of 80’s music. This was very much my ‘era’. I loved it. There I was, with my middle aged spread, dancing around my lounge room like I was 10 (if my hairbrush had been in the lounge…yes, I would have used it as a microphone!!!)

It was a time when you went nightclubbing all night and all the bars/pubs and nightclubs served drinks which are no longer allowed to be served  – ‘Tequila Layback’ – head back, bottle of tequila and bottle of lime cordial – a shot of each poured straight into your mouth and of course, a ‘Flaming Lambourgini’ – no idea what was in it, but is was a cocktail glass full or just spirits – then lit on fire, and you drank it quickly through the straw before it melted. This was in Australia…we did like a drink or two back then!

Of course now health and safety laws would never allow this type of thing!

I think back to the fashion of the day…wow some of it was bad! I remember one night thinking these two guys were so cool…as they had hairstyles the same as Psuedo Echo (a band in the 80’s for those of you that don’t know! Think they might have been a one hit wonder!). If you had put a flame near their hair…the amount of hairspray they had on their heads would have mean they would have gone up in flames! Ahhhh…nothing better than the smell of cheap hairspray!!

But listening to songs such as these ones  YouTube best of the 80’s brought back so many memories. I was young and had my entire life ahead of me. I had no fear. I had to be fairly responsible…as I had my son…but life wasn’t as stressful as it is now. I worry more…about everything.

One of my biggest stresses was being able to tape songs off Countdown (this was the Australian version of Top of the Pops in the UK, not sure what the US had!) with a cassette player. You had to hit record at exactly the right time! A good mixed tape was worth its weight in gold!

Cassette tapes were excellent…until they got caught in the player and destroyed the cassette! I still have some cassette tapes somewhere…just nothing to play them on!

Back in the 80’s I didn’t worry about things like politics, or the state of the world and society. I now take it personally when things do not go the way I think they should go. Between Brexit and the US elections this year, I have been disappointed on both counts. But, I digress…

Now, you would think that becoming middle aged meant that I did not like the music of today. Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! I love Calvin Harris, David Guetto just to name a few.

I have also started to like various different classical types of music. I think that does make me old!

I am happy to still dance around my lounge room with loud music playing. I get excited when songs I like come on. I have even bought CD’s with the latest music on them (yes, I know, I am supposed to be able to download music to my phone and laptop…but I can’t work out how to do that yet!). I have however, discovered how to use Spotify, but it doesn’t have all the songs I like on it (I am using the free version…so maybe that makes a difference…who knows, will have to ask my son about it next time I see him!).

I am even worse if I have a glass of wine…I become what I think is a good dancer, but lets face it, no-one in the eighties was a good dancer…except maybe for Michael Jackson! I also miraculously become a great singer! Like those people who think they are great singers on the auditions of the X factor! My poor husband (and neighbours!)

Do you dance around your lounge room? If not…you should…it is fun!

Mags xx


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