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“Hair Anonymous” (HA!)

What colour is your hair? No really, not the colour you dye it, but what colour really?

My hair is naturally a mousy brown colour. However, according to my roots, I am now getting flecks of grey coming through (arrrggghhh!!)

For as long as I can remember I have dyed my hair blonde. I have had some good hair dyes done, where it looks natural, and others which make me look a bit trashy – usually done by myself if I didn’t have time to go to the hairdresser which was a waste of time…as I would then have to go to a hairdresser to get it redone! C’mon…we have all done it at some stage in our lives! Who can resist when you are in the supermarket, those hair dyes with the pretty looking thing on the front…screaming out to be bought and to make a mess in your bathroom!

Over the last few years, I have also started growing my hair longer. Why? I don’t really know…I used to wear it just shoulder length…but now it is getting longer and longer by the day.

Now, I have to make a decision…should I keep dying my hair blonde? Or should I go back to my natural colour (no, not the incoming grey…not ready for that yet! I mean the mousy brown colour!). Should I cut my hair shorter?

I do remember in my early 20’s trying to go back to my natural colour…but it made me feel ‘frumpish’ (if that is a word!). However, I am not sure that as I get older whether the blonde is making me look a little trashy…and not helping my mission to stay young!

Also, the long hair I am finding is just becoming hard work. I spend most of the time tying it back…I currently live in a very hot country, and the heat just adds to the frizziness!

My hair is also that thin, neither curly or straight, just that silly ‘kink’ type of thing going on.

One of my brothers seems to have hit the jackpot with his hair! He has thick, naturally blonde hair and when he grew it longer in his just fell in natural ringlets. My son has beautiful thick hair with natural curls as well. It just doesn’t seem fair!

So, what to do? It is such a big change if I do go back to my natural colour and if I cut it all off.

I have never really followed fashion…I always looked a bit silly in whatever the latest fashion was so always stuck with what I was comfortable with, my own style – it is a bit of a boring style, nothing so exciting as some people do…but I knew it suited me. Hair is the same…I always stuck with what I was comfortable with and it has suited me.

But, I just do not want to look like some mutton dressed as lamb! Is now the time to start looking to change it, or can I wait a few more years. It is a scary prospect!

I know over the years I have gradually made my hair very unhealthy by dying it so much…but it seems I just can’t stop! Its like an addiction….

Maybe I should start a support group…’Hair anonymous’ where we could talk about our addiction to our hair dye! We could have guest speakers…ones who have never dyed their hair in their lives…to try to get us off our addiction!

I do love going to the hairdressers…I love the smells, the fact they bring you tea/coffee and sometimes they bring wine or a glass of sparkling (they are the best hairdressers!).

But is that really just another excuse to keep dying my hair blonde?

Well, my roots are showing their true colours right now…so I will have to make a decision soon….

Ok, well no decision to be made today…its Saturday and I haven’t made an appointment (phew!), so have another few days to think about it!

What would you do?

Mags xx


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