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Love Actually time!

Yes, it is that time of year!

That time of year when Christmas songs (think Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas ) are just so FABULOUS right now!

I know, I know, by Christmas day I will be sick and tired of them as well!

In my ‘previous life’ I ran bars and pubs. By this time of year I had normally already hosted so many Christmas parties, I was already tired of Christmas music, and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Now, however, I am working for myself, not in that industry at all, and I am loving it! This weekend, we (hubby and myself) went to buy a Christmas tree. We are currently living in Vietnam and I did wonder if it would be possible to get Christmas decorations…but never fear…Christmas is EVERYWHERE here! Its really, really cool (yes, I realise the word ‘cool’ is probably not so ‘cool’ anymore, but I refuse to use words my nieces and nephews use, as they do not make sense to me!). Across the road in the park early in the mornings loads of Vietnamese go into the park to do exercise classes, and they have started doing their exercises to Christmas music! EXCELLENT!!

I used to enjoy Christmas when my son was young. It was fun leaving fake ‘santa snow’ footprints for him to find the next morning…it was so much fun to watch his excitement in the lead up to Christmas and on Christmas morning opening his presents.

Then, he grew up, he stopped believing in Santa, and Christmas started to become a bit of a hassle. It became all about getting Christmas cards out in the post in time, making sure gifts got sent to the right people, after spending hours pointless shopping for gifts that no-one really wants anyway. Then, there is the pressure to ensure the perfect Christmas day is had by all! This was all on top of working long hours hosting Christmas parties for people who did not socialise together the rest of the year, but Christmas meant they had to have a party together, and let me tell you, not everyone likes this. I have seen so many poepl argue, watched employees say things to their boss that they never would any other time of year (and sometimes get sacked for it!), and had people who are normally very nice people turn into nightmares. I began to hate Christmas.

What does this have to do with being a ‘Mags’ now, I hear you ask…well, now I have realised that Christmas does not have to be so stressful. The older I get, the less pressured I feel. I send Christmas cards when it suits me, do not shop for silly little things as gifts, and I feel no pressure whatsoever to cook up a fabulous meal for Christmas day. I have also stopped working in the hospitality industry, which makes a huge difference!

This year, I am even looking at having Christmas dinner delivered. Yes, you can have that done…and I am seriously considering it!

Our Christmas decorations are fun…I feel no pressure to have decorations that match, or just one specific colour. I just want decorations that are fun, and no hassle! I just do not care what anyone else thinks!

My time is now spent watching my favourite Christmas movies! Love Actually is my FAVOURITE film of all time. I only watch it during December. I would watch it the rest of the year as well, but I try to save it for the festive season. Love Actually has taught me that Christmas should not be about the hassle of having a perfect Christmas, but should just be about having people around you that you love, and taking some time to just enjoy it.

This year, I fully intend on doing this…no hassle for me! I am just going to have fun this festive season! I have no intention of going to any Christmas parties, I just want it all to be very simple and enjoyable. Just because it is Christmas…it doesn’t mean we all have to become these perfect women that can juggle everything. It is our Christmas too.

Ok, pass the remote…it is the 6th of December, and I am about to watch Love Actually for the first tme this year…yep, you better pass the tissues as well!

Mags xx


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