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Mags – Happy not Hungry – Jealous?!

Food and drinks…yes, there are fashions, the same as fashions for clothing.

As you get older…you see different fads, diets, and then later on you hear about how bad that particular fad/diet was…Arrrggghh! Who knows what you are supposed to eat.

I am of the opinion you should eat a mix of things. After all, how else will you get all the vitamins you need? But, I would never tell you what you should be eating or drinking. That is really up to you!

Now, I am not the healthiest person in the world…I enjoy anything sugary, I love cheese and of course love wine and gin…I do also enjoy vegetables and meat (nope, I am not a vegetarian!). I don’t do enough exercise, and I think running is for people who have had a bad day and need to get to the wine shop FAST!

We hear about ‘sugar taxes’, increases in taxes on wines and spirits all the time. We get told that we shouldn’t eat certain things, and some chefs of the world even campaign to lower things such as sugar levels (not naming any names…but if cakes and chocolate become too expensive because of one chefs need to tell us all how bad sugar is and that we should have high taxes on it…I will have to go meet him and tell him ‘what for’!)

I am getting tired of the ‘food police’ telling us what we can and can’t eat. I remember years ago people saying you shouldn’t eat eggs…now they are called ‘natures multivitamin’ in some circles.

There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way and to be a certain size. Men don’t have to…so why the difference? Sometimes it is other women that are the biggest critics. We have all done it, judged someone from a distance. I think though as I get older, I don’t care if people judge me anymore…I am happy with myself.I do not envy young women at all with regards to this…the pressure on them is immense.

Today I have read an article about Sugar. It states that you shouldn’t eat it, but rub it on your skin, and this will apparently keep your skin hydrated and it is great as an exfoliant. There will be women everywhere now rubbing sugar on their skin!

This has just made me giggle (actually, I rolled around the floor laughing!)! I love these articles where one persons ‘study’ or opinion becomes the latest ‘fashion’!

When you get older, you stop believing everything everyone tells you or that you read in magazines…after all, it can’t all be true!

So, to the Food and Drink Police…I just wanted to let you know…tonight, I will be having a glass of wine with dinner, I will be having something sweet later on, possibly cheese with my dinner and I will enjoy it all!

I am not ‘fat’ just comfortable…and would rather stay that way and be happy, not hungry!

So, what will be my ‘fashion statement’? I think today it will be “Mags – happy not hungry…jealous?”!

Mags xx



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