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Leg Warmers ‘Oh, What a feeling’!

If you don’t know what leg warmers and ‘Oh What a feeling’ means without singing it in your head…you are reading the wrong blog!

When you are of a similar age to myself, you will remember leg warmers! They were so cool (or so we thought at the time!).

What happened to them? I have looked them up and you can still buy them. I have just seen them on Amazon! Wow!

Now, I know it is probably actual dancers that buy them now…but back in the 80’s WE ALL WORE THEM! If you didn’t…I am sorry….you missed out! It was a fashion almost everyone could afford and we all thought we were so trendy for the time by wearing them!

Of course, dancers used to always wear them, apparently it stopped their legs from cramping. Then, Fame Movie and Flashdance (oh what a feeling!!!!) happened….

Leg warmers became a MUST wear! You could get every colour you wanted, stripy ones and ones with sparkles in them. You wore them over jeans, with skirts, with flat shoes and with heels for a night out! You could even wear them over fishnet stockings…yes, fishnet stockings!

Oh yes, WHAT A FEELING!! (that song is now going to be playing over and over in my head all day now!). We all thought we could dance like all the movies, we wore our leg warmers and became Jennifer Beals in Flashdance…we would practice our dancing everywhere, the back garden, in the house and of course, at school!

Now, I also see them advertised for babies and dogs (yes dogs). Apparently mothers now use them to keep their babies legs warm whilst they change their nappies (there must be many mums changing their babies in cold places!!) and some dog owners use them for their dogs when they have arthritis (the dog, not the owner!).

I wonder if babies and dogs get the same feeling we did with leg warmers!

I do remember seeing some on catwalk models in around 2005, but after that never saw them again. Maybe I am just not hanging around in the right places to see them!

The pair I had were black, with silver sparkles through the wool. They were the only pair I had, but some of my friends had loads of different types to match whatever they were wearing that day. I remember school uniform skirts getting shorter and shorter, but worn with leg warmers seemed acceptable!

With leg warmers came the aerobics outfits (and aerobics, but I was never coordinated enough to make that work!). Wearing leotards (why did we do this! They were so uncomfortable!!). Wearing these outfits made us all feel sporty, fashionable and we all thought we looked really skinny!

The reality was quite different. No, we didn’t have middle aged spread then, but we also did not have the bodies of models or real dancers which an aerobics outfit was designed for! If we did, it wasn’t going to stay that way forever! What were we thinking!

In reality, fashion today is no more flattering to anyone, but at least our fashion items had purpose – or so we thought…we were all going to become these famous dancers after fighting the odds!!

Its a bit like the dancing around the lounge room I do now…I hope I still do it when I am old(er!) as well! I enjoy it, and don’t care who sees me doing it! I know I look cool and can dance (yeah, right!!)

Make your day today a ‘Oh, What a feeling’ day! I know I am going to!

Mags xx




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