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Mags, Sex and Acciaroli….

I have read loads of articles about becoming Middle aged and how it can affect your sex life. I have read articles on Menopause and how it can cause Vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse. This is yet (hopefully won’t!) to happen to me! I have other symptoms starting for menopause, but this is not one of them.

Some of these articles also talk about how to get your sex drive back?? I don’t know about you, but mine hasn’t gone anywhere! Yes there are days were I am not in mood just because I am tired, but I was the same way when I was younger! If I am too tired, I am just not up for it!

I have found that as I got older, I enjoyed sex more. It could be down to the fact that I have married a wonderful man a couple of years ago who is very attentive in the bedroom, and of course, could be down to the fact that as we all get older we become more confident. I know I am definately more confident now.

When I was younger, I found I was not focusing on the enjoyment of sex, it was more about ‘getting it over with’. I was always worried that I didn’t have the perfect body and maybe I was doing things wrong. I never really felt sexy. Now, things are different. Not only am I more confident, but I feel sexier, even with a middle aged spread happening!

Then, this week I read about a recent study done in Acciaroli in Italy lead by Dr Alan Maisel, a professor of cardiovascular medicine at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. This small town of only 700 people has one in eight of them over the age of 100!

Some of them smoke, some like a good glass of wine daily and some are obese (take that Food and Drink Police! Hehehe!).

They eat lots of rosemary, and olive oil from olives grown near the town. They also eat local produce, fish, and have kept certain industries out of the town, meaning there is no pollution in the area. They also tend to walk everywhere (not a runner in sight!!)

There are no signs of dementia, and very low rates of things such as heart disease and other diseases which affect the rest of the western world so much.

Maisel discovered the city of youth when he was on a holiday in 2012. He said at the time that he was struck by the fact that everyone around him seemed old. “I was at the beach, and I saw all these leather necked, tanned people in their 90’s and 100’s who looked nine months pregnant and were smoking cigarettes,” he said at the time. “Things didn’t seem to add up: [They were] smoking and fat, but so relaxed and unstressed…At first, I asked if it was the Mediterranean diet, but they do that all over Italy.”

If ever there was an excuse to become less stressed, this one has to be the best one! I have spent the last year trying to de stress my life, and not sweating the ‘small stuff’ as much anymore!

He also found that they were having loads of sex! Apparently in the older generation it is ‘rampant’ (that word always makes me think of bunny rabbits!).

So, maybe the answer to a long life is all of this? This would mean that being the age I am now would only make me a spring chicken!

Yes, I live in a polluted city right now, but I quite like the idea of eating more fish, rosemary, olive oil, enjoying my wine and having rampant sex! Seems like a great way to spend your life!

So, I am off now to think about moving to Italy! Seems like it might be the way to go!

Mags xx


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