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What does ‘retro’ actually mean?

This morning I saw a post on Facebook, which was a competition to win a ‘retro bicycle’? To me, this bike just looked like a normal womans’ bicycle! I am not sure what made it ‘retro’. It is just retro because it doesn’t have a clip to put your mobile phone on it?!! Or maybe because it was a certain colour (although it was just a silver colour!)

According to the English Oxford dictionary it means: “Imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past”

Well, that would make things such as bread, pasta, biscuits, coffee, wine and more ‘retro’ surely?

Yes, everything gets ‘upgrades’ and is made better, but that doesn’t make the previous version ‘retro’, it just means it is the old version!

Everything I have liked and loved throughout my life seems to now be becoming ‘retro’.

All the music I have loved from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, is now considered to be ‘retro’. Yet, the music from the 2000s’ is not considered ‘retro’ yet? So when does it become ‘retro’? What period of time needs to elapse before it is ‘retro’. Wilkipedia states it is something that is typically 15-20 years or older from time past. So why are the 00’s songs not retro yet? Or are they, and no-one is willing to admit it yet!!

There are shops dedicated to retro products (some of which do not look retro to me, they were just things I had when I was younger!). I see some things I still own that are now called retro in these shops!

I would be one wealthy woman if I had kept everything from my youth, and then tried to sell it today, it seems you can charge loads of money for ‘retro’ products now!

There are retro bars, nightclubs where the ‘youth of today’ (like that? I am practicing for when I stop being middle aged, and become ‘old’!!) go to. Basically, the bars and nightclubs just choose whatever was the tackiest style of furniture etc and install it. They then play old songs, and then call themselves ‘Retro’! I for one, would just call this a ‘bar’ or ‘nightclub’!!

There is even a franchise in the USA called ‘Retro fitness’! After looking them up I found they play 80’s films and do tanning on top of normal gym stuff! I wonder if their tanning is like a bad 80’s tan when we used to just go out into the sun for too long, and end up beetroot red, and then peel for days afterwards!! It has taken me everything I have not to email them to ask if I join them, does that mean my figure will ‘snap back’ to what it used to be like in my 20’s just by signing up! But, they probably hear this alot!

I also found ‘retro Christmas decorations’ online today…the thing is, they just look like normal Christmas decorations really, but I expect it means they can charge a little more by calling them retro!

This of course could mean that instead of calling people ‘old’ or ‘middle aged’ we should all be called ‘retro’! The more I think about it, the more that would make sense!

Why can’t we all be called ‘retro’ once we get over a certain age? We could charge non retro people to spend time with us! ‘Retro person, willing to reminisce over the retro days…hire by the hour!’

So what does ‘retro’ actually mean?

I think it just means ‘old’ to the ‘youth of today’!

Mags xx

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