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Twerking, Piers Morgan and ‘Dad dancing’!

This week, Madonna (who is 58! Definately in the #mags category!) ‘twerked’ on the Late, Late show with James Corden, in carpool karaoke.

Twerking – yes, when I heard the phrase I had to look it up as well! According to Wilkipedia it is “is a type of dancing in which an individual, often female, moves to music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance. Twerking is also known as “booty shaking,” “p-poppin” or “pussy-poppin“, and “bounce” depending on the context.

It was apparently first mentioned in 1993 by a DJ in New Orleans, but then became a popular phrase around 2011. Then, when Miley Cyrus did it in one of her videos in 2013, that’s when it went viral.

So, why was everyone talking about Madonna doing it on TV? Well, it appears there are two responses to every story. Some people supported her – I am one of those people. Why can’t she twerk? She is 58, she should be able to wiggle her butt whenever she wants! I wiggle my butt – not that anyone notices…but when I am dancing around my lounge room dancing to 80’s music, it is a must do! On Loose Woman on Friday (Loose woman is the British equivalent of the View in the US) they taught everyone to twerk! They even talked about it how it can help you loose weight! Even Rick Astley got involved! Good on them, why not?!

Then, there was the other responses. The people who didn’t like it! They tended to be men…older, middle aged men at that! Piers Morgan was one of them. He said it made him want to throw up! However, the thing about the internet….things stay on their for awhile! You only have to google search to find things quickly now! Piers Morgan it appears cannot dance at all…I would go as far to say it is pretty much ‘Dad Dancing’! In 2009 for instance, he got up on stage on X-factor  – Piers Morgan Dad Dancing This was considered to be quite funny, but no-one went around saying they were going to ‘vomit’ over his dancing!

So, why the difference in responses?

It again comes down to the fact that for some unknown reason women have higher expectations put on them. Once we get past a certain age, we are expected to quietly ‘slide’ into insignificance. Men, however, are able to carry on as normal! Looks and age are a big part of what can make a woman in the spotlight successful. Men, they can get fat, loose their hair, wear unfashionable clothes and more, and they still get to stay in the spotlight!

I notice on many of these TV shows, there is much emphasis put on what the women are wearing…but less put on what the men wear. They just have to throw on a suit and they are fine! The woman on the other had, are younger, more fresh faced and have to seriously consider what they are wearing, otherwise, wear the wrong thing and the backlash will start! Look at what happened when Theresa May started in office as the British Prime Minister – the papers were all full the next day talking about the shoes she was wearing! It is just nuts!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually like watching Piers Morgan on TV and reading his articles, he says things sometimes that we all want to say…but I think the comment on Madonna twerking was pushing things a little too far. If Madonna wants to twerk, let her! There is nothing wrong with it!

Moral of the story – twerking is no worse or better than Dad dancing! Feel free to do either! I know I will, not matter how old I get!

Mags xx


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