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Music and memories?

Whatever happened to Pub rock? Pub rock bands were a staple of my youth. I grew up in Australia, and most pubs had live bands playing every weekend (sometimes weeknights!). Sunday sessions were the big ones…Sunday afternoon with live bands was the best.

Pub rock started out in the early to mid 1970’s in the UK, as part of a rebellion against progressive and glam rock. Although short-lived, pub rock was notable for rejecting stadium venues and for returning live rock to the small pubs and clubs of its early years. It was the catalyst for the British punk rock scene.

It went on for quite awhile in Australia, and was more about straight up rock as opposed to punk rock. The Australian music scene was always a mix of American and UK music – so we got the best of both worlds!

Why am I bringing this up? Well, over the weekend I went out for a few drinks with hubby and my cousin (who is also middle aged – but he will never admit it!). We ended up in this little pub down some alleyway…and there it was…my youth all over again! Live pub bands! I loved it! It brought back so many memories of seeing Australian bands live in pubs, I loved people like Cold Chisel, Aussie crawl, ACDC well, all of them actually – the list of Aussie pub rock bands is huge!

This has some of my favourites on it!

We were the oldest people in this pub, but it was packed! I did see some of the young ones looking at us dancing around…wondering what the ‘old people’ were doing! But, who cares, we had fun! I felt young again, I was singing (if you could call it that!) at the top of my voice, and danced around like I was 20 (no, I couldn’t dance properly in my 20’s either, so no difference there!)…it was a great feeling!

So what happened? Well, I know that the DJ scene became bigger, DJ’s are now the ‘rock stars’ and although there are still some bands playing the pub scene, there are no-where near as many as there used to be.

It makes me feel a bit sorry for the youth of today…they are missing out! Yes, they get to go to big concerts in huge arenas, see big bands, DJ’s and more, but the few I have been to, you can hardly see anything unless you watch the big screen they always seem to have! It sort of defeats the purpose really. The whole point of going to see a live band, is exactly that, to SEE them!

There have been quite a few studies on why music seems to invoke memories so strongly. By mapping the brain activity of a group of subjects while they listened to music, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, now thinks he has the answer: The region of the brain where memories of our past are supported and retrieved also serves as a hub that links familiar music, memories and emotion. He found it can help with responses from Alzheimer’s patients. There are of course, more studies I could talk about, but quite frankly, the science can be a bit boring.

What is really interesting that music can transport us back to a special place and time in our lives. The memories become very real! I for one, really hope that when I am old and grey (and it is getting closer by the day!) that I can play music and transport myself back to times where my memories become strong!

I do know that there have also been studies on smell and more on invoking memories, but I find for myself that music is the best way for me to transport myself back!

What music will you listen to today to relive those memories?

Mags xx


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