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Phones…what happened!

It has been a month since I started middleagedgirls.com and what a month it has been.

I am fairly computer literate, but I have to say, embarking on writing for a living (well, I say a living tongue in cheek!) has been hard work so far, and will continue to be!

I am from a generation where when I was growing up there was no such things as mobile phones, computers – well, I remember doing a couple of classes but I couldn’t understand what anyone was talking about. I think it was programming of some sort, which just made no sense to me at all!

I remember one of my bosses having a mobile phone when it came out…it was HUGE! It had to be carried around with what I think is some sort of battery?! There were no computers at work, everything from marketing to paperwork was done manually. I remember cutting things out of magazines to stick on white pieces of paper to photocopy so we had flyers for the business.

My first mobile phone was a very basic, you could only ring on (not even text, that came later!)

Oh, those were the days!

I still do not know what half the stuff if on my current mobile phone, but I do know it has been a good one!

To get any form of writing noticed you need Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon (and if someone could explain that one to me that would be great! I cannot for the life of me work out how that one works!) and the rest. It is never ending!

To top it all off, you need to have it on your phone to keep on top of it all! I am not going to walk around with my laptop all day! I don’t even have a landline phone anymore, there doesn’t seem much point. People expect to be able to get a hold of you immediately, which means you have to keep your mobile on you at all times.

I even take mine into the bedroom with me at night! After all, what if there was an emergency. Of course, it is my alarm clock as well! I have become obsessed with making sure everything I write goes onto as much social media as I can get it on, I watch my phone to see if anyone has like my posts, retweeted me, or like the facebook page.

Now, my phone is starting to die. It has had a great run, it has lasted me the last few years. It has been dropped in water, rained upon, dropped down stairs and it still keeps going. Prior to this phone I had an Iphone…it was terrible! It so much as looked at water and it died!

So now I have been searching for the phone I want! I have found it!

I have no idea what all the ‘blurb’ means, but it looks good, and the bits I understand look good too! I know that I will have to get my son to help me set it up next time I see him….and I also have no idea how to get the information out of my current phone into the new one…but fingers crossed this will be a great one!

I need a better one – as Mags on You Tube starts next month…my current one just will not handle taking videos!

But, I love it, I love the challenge of all these things that I don’t quite understand, and learning new things every day.

Still going to get my son to set up my new phone for me though…when I get it!

Mags xx


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