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Balancing Christmas with work…

Changing career path can be scary at the best of times…add in becoming middle aged and being a woman can be one of the scariest times of your life! I have spent this year wondering if have done the right thing by changing careers, and I have missed my old one.

I have just changed my career path. It has been a whirlwind. I had always run pubs/bars and restaurants for a living. The hours were long and hard. I loved doing it, but it was exhausting, both physically and mentally. I also found to get new roles within the industry was getting harder and harder, as so many companies wanted ‘hip’ ‘young’ things to run their businesses for them, and it did not matter that my experience was worth so much more!

So, I decided that instead of killing myself working every hour under the sun (and the moon!), I would change my entire career path. This year I have written and published a book Don’t Panic Run a Pub , set up an online store for bespoke books (predominately for children) called Pixazzle and now I am working on being Mags for this website. I am also starting a Vlog in January 2017.

Whats the difference then…yes, I still work long and hard hours. But, it is not so physical, more mental now!) I do not know how to not work hard. Could be a fault of mine, or just part of being the age group that I am in.

I have read studies that state the Millennials (ages 20-29) work the longest hours…but no offence to any Millennials reading, I have never found this to be the case. I have found that the expectation is less hours!

Maybe it is just me then! Yes, I am fully aware that have been known as a workaholic in the not so distant past!

Now, I still have many friends who run pubs/bars and restaurants. This is the busiest time of year for them. There is no time to hang out with friends, partners or family. It is all about organising and running Christmas parties for everyone else. It can be a nightmare! By the time you hit Christmas day, the last thing you want to do is have a Christmas dinner. I read short posts they write on social media, about how tired my friends are, and how they want the Christmas season to be over…and I have to say, I do not envy them one bit!

Facebook now has the thing where it shows you your memories (posts) from previous years and all my memories from December seem to be angry ones, about nightmare Christmas parties and angry chefs (or more to the point, me being angry with them!).

I think I am working hard now, by working around 40-45 hours per week, but what I had forgotten is that Christmas usually meant 80+ hours per week in hospitality.

I have had time this year to send out Christmas cards, and we even have a Christmas tree put up on the house that I helped shop for, are rare thing in previous years!

So, yes, I had missed being in the hospitality industry, but I am beginning to realise that actually I am much happier now. It had been a scary year deciding on whether or not I had done the right thing, and if I was taking the right new direction in life. It has been a truly bumpy ride, with some things working, and some things not working at all (yet!).

This year, I shall be having a fabulous Christmas, not worried about work, and not overtired (well, maybe a little tired, I am getting old you know!). Changing my direction at one of the scariest times of my life has been one of the best things I have ever done…even if I am broke!

Mags xx


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