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Travel, hot flushes and tiredness!

Ok, it is that time of year, we are all madly trying to visit family and friends for the holiday season, and travel can be a nightmare!

I have just done a few days to see my son in Hong Kong, he is a chef and he moved there from Australian earlier this year. He loves it there. It is only a two hour flight from here, so I thought this would be an easy trip.

After all, I am used to doing long haul flights from the UK to Australia to visit family over previous years, so this should have been a walk in the park!

It starts with having to have the right Toiletries travel pack . Click the link – Nivea do a good one, and it is the right size for boarding a plane to anywhere in the world. Some countries allow 100ml bottles on board now, but I don’t think that is every country! If there is one thing that happens on a flight – it is that my skin just dries out! I have also decided to start taking my own shampoo and conditioner – as no matter how good a hotel is, they just seem to have cheap and nasty shampoo and conditioner, which does nothing for your hair! I am buying this one for the next trip! John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner

Then once I have arrived at the airport, I will glare at families with young children, even on a short flight. Yes, I am that cranky woman who doesn’t want to sit near those screaming children. I understand that kids get distressed on planes, but this is not my problem! I know, it sounds selfish, but I am done with those years (my son is about to turn 29), and I do not need or want to listen to other peoples children crying every time I get onto a flight!

Oh, how I wish they would introduce adult only flights!

This time around, I also was hot (I used to get cold on flights, but I felt the heat was phenomenal!) I am not sure if that is to do with my age, but no-one else looked that hot! I was literally sweating.

The funniest thing was when we arrived at Hong Kong airport. As we all disembarked the plane, there were four of five staff with thermometers checking peoples temperatures as we all went through. Now, they are apparently checking to make sure no-one has some strange disease and bringing it into Hong Kong. They had one person sitting at a screen checking who looked hot, and then one of the staff would run over with the thermometer to check that person.

What surprised me? Well, no-one ran over to me! Now, I was HOT! I could feel the flushes in my face…so why didn’t they check me? Does the person looking at the screen just ignore middle aged women? Maybe they have just had too many middle aged women have ‘a go’ at them by running over, thermometers in hand!

Now, we only went for two days, we flew back into home yesterday evening. I should feel fine…but no, I feel exhausted! I feel like I have done a long haul flight. My skin is all dry, I feel overtired, and even writing this, I keep thinking I should jump into the shower and wash the ‘plane air’ out of my hair! (but I have to procrastinate, as I have to drink lots of coffee! Hong Kong coffee was not strong enough for me at all!).

I felt so tired on the plane, but of course, I was sat in a middle seat with my husband on one side, and a nutter (yes, he was a nutter – I wasn’t just being cranky, he was talking to himself the entire flight, and the conversation wasn’t even that interesting!) on the other side.

What I wouldn’t have given to be able to lay my head down and just have a nap! I am yet to find the right sort of travel pillow that works for me. I have seen these J-Pillows which were apparently British invention of the year in 2013…but I have only seen them online. I want to know someone who has used them on a flight before I go ahead and buy one! Has anyone here used one? Would love to know if they actually work!

But, I digress, the whole point of this blog, is that travel as I get older gets harder and harder. I love to travel, go see different places, but I find I take one step into an airport now and I start to get cranky! I am tired before I even begin!

So glad I am spending Christmas at home now! No more travel stress for me (well, until the new year anyway!)

Ahh, how I wish I was young again when I travel…things seemed so much easier then!

Tired Mags xxx


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