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It’s Christmas eve eve

Yes, Christmas eve eve is now a ‘thing’! The panic is now on for people everywhere to ensure that Christmas day is perfect for everyone!

Somehow, after all my plans to either go out to Christmas lunch or to order in on the day…we are now cooking for a couple of people. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure it won’t be me that does all the cooking. Luckily I have a hubby who likes to cook…I am much better at the plating up, washing up afterwards and of course, drinking the wine!

We have done most of the shopping for it. Stupidly (and due to work commitments!) we went to a big supermarket last night at around 6.30pm. It was a NIGHTMARE!

There were people everywhere, ramming shopping trolleys into each other, and of course, the screaming kids in tow. Like airplanes, I am of the opinion that there should be supermarkets that are for adults only. If you have young kids right now, you won’t necessarily notice them screaming, I remember when my son was young, I found this skill I didn’t know I had where I could just zone out and not hear him carrying on all the time.

The problem as you get older, and your kids grow up and move out,  you lose this skill. Every time someones child starts screaming, I feel like someone scraping their fingernails down a blackboard! To me it is a nightmare!

Also, as I get older, the thought of cooking a turkey dinner for Christmas day is just not on! I don’t even like turkey! Tradition can be a wonderful thing, but then so is breaking tradition! So, even though myself and hubby had written a shopping list, somehow, that didn’t even come out of our bags, and we guessed what we needed for a nice lunch (no turkey included!). This has meant that today we have to go back – but this time we are going to a smaller supermarket. I vowed last night to only go to the big supermarket once a month and stock up!

A big supermarket always looks like the right answer, but it is when you get to the end, and realise you have forgotten something at the start of the store and have to navigate a shopping trolley that does not like turning or going to far (what is with the wheels on supermarket trolleys? They never work properly! If you know someone who makes wheels, ask if they can fix this problem!).

Now, I had vowed to be less stressed about Christmas. I wrote earlier this month about the fact that now I was getting older, I didn’t stress so much about Christmas and trying to make it perfect. But, then when I was in the supermarket last night, I felt pressured to make sure everything would be great on the day. The pressure was only coming from myself…it is really stupid to feel that way I know!

The plan is to cook everything on Christmas eve, and have a cold Christmas day lunch! This is ok this year, as we are in a hot country, and it is VERY hot right now! We have been watching some Christmas movies, with snow everywhere and feeling a bit envious!

So, everyone, cross your fingers and toes that ‘wine’ doesn’t but in on Christmas eve and have us cooking food on the morning of Christmas day! It would be typical of wine to do that!

Happy Christmas eve eve everyone!

Mags xx


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