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Christmas eve…romantic proposals!

So, its Christmas eve. Its finally here!

There are couples all over the world starting to stress about how to fit in visiting all the family – both sides, and timing it well enough so that neither family is offended. The last minute shopping (I have done all mine, gloat, gloat!) is being done, and singles are madly trying to come up with excuses for their families as to why they are still single (there is nothing worse than that question ‘so, are you bringing anyone?’!

I have just been reading about a high end matchmaking site – Berkeley International who is a leading introductions agency for the worlds rich and famous. Their director Mairead Molloy said “There is no escaping the fact that Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. When the temperature begins to drop into the minuses there is nothing better than spending a night in the company of someone you love. You can’t ignore that the festive season is special.”.

This was following a recent survey of 10,000 people conducted by event organisers ChilliSauce that showed that 31 per cent of people think that Christmas Eve is the most romantic day of the year to propose, followed by News Year’s Eve, that’s preferred by 19 per cent.

So, I think back, my husband proposed during January (which was very romantic)….but I can’t think of anything more romantic than being proposed to whilst surrounded by sparkling/twinkling Christmas lights, snow and Christmas music. It also means that every year you can celebrate the proposal, just by celebrating Christmas!! No excuse then for the other half to ‘forget’ what day they proposed (and could mean extra presents!! Yay!)

Again, most of our favourite holiday movies are things such as Love Actually, and how romantic is that movie? Yes, I have watched it again…I just can’t watch it enough! I promise to stop talking about it after Christmas!

It can be hard to be single at Christmas, I know when I was single, after my divorce…and in my 40’s I had that fear that I would never find ‘the one’, especially as I was getting older, and everything on my body was beginning to go south!! But, I did find the one!! The cold weather combined with couples everywhere looking loved up and cosying up to each other can just increase that fear!

So, I am now so happily married, I have a wonderful husband, who is also my best friend and my soul mate (yes, I know that sounds cliched, but it is true!). The bonus about marrying later is that you have more to talk about, you are not frightened to tell them things that you wouldn’t have told anyone in your 20’s and 30’s and you care less about what other people think, which makes you are more rounded person – yes, being a MAGS is a great thing – even with things such as menopause to deal with!

I also found that our wedding day was so much more special. Instead of focusing on dresses, where people should sit, and generally getting wound up over the actual wedding day, I found I focused more on the actual marriage, our future, and the day itself was about that, not about everyone else! It was a very small wedding, but so much fun, not stressful at all!

So, take heart all you single MAGS out there, you have all year to find your perfect soulmate, then show them this article and get them to propose next Christmas eve!!! Of course, you might be happy being single…its fabulous if you are happy being single, I just know many prefer to have a partner at this time of year!!

To all you married MAGS – I hope the day goes by stress free! I hope you don’t have the pressures to get around to all the family put on you! I don’t have that this year! Nice quiet Christmas for me!

To both the single and married MAGS of the world….Have a fabulous Christmas, have a glass of wine and enjoy it! We are now old enough that we can say ‘no’ if we have to! Lets all just enjoy the day!

Will be back after Christmas!

Mags xxx


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