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Nothing’s going to stop us now! (stealing from Jefferson Starship!)

It has arrived, it is now OFFICIALLY (because I say so!) Year of the MAGS!

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve, I managed (just!) to stay up until midnight. I was in bed half an hour later though! So, I am tired today…but still very excited about the coming days, weeks, months!

My son on the other hand tells me he partied until 7am, and he has still gone to work today. He is about to turn 29, and this doesn’t seem to be a problem for him! I too remember the days when I could party all night and still go into work. Now that I am a MAGS, I don’t even envy him, just speaking to him about it makes me feel even more tired! I much rather getting into bed and getting the rest!

Onwards and upwards though! I refuse to let one night of being up until after midnight mean that I accomplish nothing today. I started my resolutions during December and I am going to keep going. I have already done some work on my new job (although did that sitting on my couch with my laptop, no makeup on, hair everywhere!) and I am in the process of setting up my second project ready to launch over the next few days!

I do worry that I might have over extended myself though. I had also promised myself to start a Vlog this month as well. I am not sure if that is just putting too much pressure onto myself…after all, I am not so young anymore, and there is only so many lists I can keep running!

It’s moments like this I envy my son, I want to have the energy to stay up all night! But more to accomplish my goals than party now! I am not sure when that changed, I do remember only a couple of years ago wanting to go out. Now, I much prefer sitting in at home and getting things done!

Maybe it is nothing to do with my age, or oncoming menopause, but more to do with actually becoming mature (or just boring!!). However, last night, we went to dinner and although we were in an air conditioned restaurant (its hot here!), I would have given anything to hop into the freezer in the restaurant! So, I think it must be just to do with my oncoming menopause!

I was so hot and flushed, I was uncomfortable. Then I was annoyed with myself for being hot, and then I found I was not being such great company! I was looking around at other people who all looked quite comfortable! This annoyed me no end!

I wish someone would invent an ‘ice vest’…I could wear it underneath my shirt or dress…and stay cool all the time! Maybe someone has invented it, if they have, please let me know! I need one!

But, I digress! Now, everything is about Year of the Mags! Tired or being pre menopausal is not going to stop me! I fully intend on making being a MAGS one of the best things to be in the world!

In the immortal words of Jefferson Starship Nothings going to stop us now ! (enjoy it, I now can’t stop singing it now I have listened to it!)

Tell your friends, tell your family! IT IS YEAR OF THE MAGS! (and yes, we expect gifts!! Hehehe!)

Mags xx


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