2017 – It’s Year of the MAGS!

Just in case you missed it…it is Year of the MAGS!


Whilst thinking In the shower this morning (as you do!) I have started my day with ‘umph’! I am busy with two different projects and a new job to start.

I love being busy, I also love it when I don’t have period pain, I am not having mood swings (as does my hubby I am sure!), and I don’t feel hot and flushed due to oncoming menopause. I feel like I have to try and get so much done today…as who knows what tomorrow will bring…hot flushes could be back then!

Lets’ face it, hot flushes, period pain and mood swings are NOT conducive to getting stuff done!

The jury seems to be out on whether or not to take hormones for menopause. I have tried to research this, but some say take them, others say is just makes things worse!

There seems to be two different types of…

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