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Ok…my son just turned 29!

How has this happened? Today is my sons birthday…he is 29! Only one year to go and he is 30…

I have woken up and I am not sure if I should be feeling old or not? How is it possible that I have a 29 year old son?! (well, I know how it is possible, obviously!!)

It seems like only yesterday I was panicking about turning 30…I remember thinking 30 was so old! I thought my life was over as I knew it. I couldn’t believe that things would be OK after 30. After all, people over 30 years old had to be sensible, grown up and were more in my mothers league!

I can even remember when I was 15/16 years old, and thinking people who were 20 were old…I laugh at myself when I think about that now…I know think 20 year olds look like children!

I even find it hard if I come across a young policeman or lawyer. I find it hard to take them seriously (I have even had moments where I thought I was going to start laughing out loud!)

Of course, now I know better. So much has happened over the last 17 years, since I did turn 30, it now only feels like my life is just beginning! Yes, I probably am more sensible now than I was in my 20’s, but not all the time! Now, I really can let my hair down and enjoy life without worrying so much!

I feel less pressured by life now! I am very busy, and like my life that way…but I don’t feel the pressure of having to achieve all the time to please others. I only really want to achieve to please and motivate myself (yep, it is all about me! Hehehe!)

I know myself better, I am not so afraid to say ‘no’ to things I don’t want or don’t want to do. This makes my life much easier!

Of course, there are still things that I do for others, that I sometimes don’t want to do, I am not that selfish! Just more self empowered (if that is a word!)

I joke every year on my own birthday that I am turning 21 again, I actually tell people this! Now, would I want to be 21 again?

No, not really, I wouldn’t mind getting the body back that I had then…but lets face it, I was a bit stupid back then! I wouldn’t swap what I now know for anything.

The bonus is of course, that I am only middle aged! Yay! Still loads more time to learn new things, and of course, there is still time to do more stupid things!

As I have said before, I refuse to let being middle aged put me into a insignificant existence! I fully intend on making the most of the coming years, even with things such as menopause going on! If I could cope with ALL those years of having periods, a couple of years dealing with menopause should be a walk in the park (well, maybe not a ‘walk in the park’ but at least it doesn’t go on as long!)

So, my little boy is now all grown up! He has so many great times ahead, and of course, hard times, but I think now he is 29, I might have to start thinking of him as a man instead of my little boy. This didn’t stop me posting pictures of him as a little boy onto Facebook this morning! Got to let his friends know how cute he was! I am sure he is embarrassed sufficiently! It’s what I have been put on this earth for! To embarrass him!! đŸ™‚

I have to realise that no, I am not 21!

Happy Birthday my little man!

Mags xx


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