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Controlling that mood swing!

We all have them, even when we don’t have oncoming menopause. The dreaded mood swing.

I have found that I am finding it harder and harder to control them. When I get angry, I actually have to almost physically shut my mouth and cover it with my hand to stop me saying something, that I know I will regret later.

Yesterday, not only was I feeling very moody, I was so hot, all day! I had the air conditioning blasting out, I even had it turned down when I went to bed. I was hot, and cranky! Not the best of days!

My poor long suffering husband put up with me whinging about the heat…and he handles me very well (just agrees with me!), which tends to make my mood swing not as dramatic as well.

But what do I do at work? How am I supposed to stop those mood swings from ruining not only my life, but making everything a misery for everyone else?

Now, I know many women get feelings of depression, but I am not. I am getting swings from anger to wanting to cry over something silly – this morning I had a moment of tears just because I was trying to hang a large sheet on the washing line, and it was getting awkward. Nuts, I know!

So, I have just been reading an article written in 2015 by Anna Hodgekiss with ten ways to deal with mood swings. I loved this article, as I really don’t want to have to resort to any medication…I would just rather deal with it!

Her 10 ways to deal with it are as follows:

  1. Get active and exercise – now, I am not a fan of exercise, but I will try…after all there is a gym in my apartment block that I really should try using!
  2. Talk about it – Yes, I am! I am not afraid to talk about it, none of us should be! I think as a MAGS – we should make this something talked about by everyone! After all, it would be better if everyone around us understood what we are going through.
  3. Use mindfulness – I don’t really think this one is for me…I am not too good at sitting still for long periods of time!
  4. Avoid overthinking and count your blessings – aha – this one I can do! Overthinking is so overrated!
  5. Set small goals – well, this can be hard, I like big goals! I probably need to break them down into smaller goals, so I feel as though I am achieving though!
  6. Try breathing exercises – well, again, this one is probably not for me! Never been that type of person!
  7. Avoid alcohol – Ok, I know I should do this one…but I so do enjoy a good glass of wine…No, I won’t be doing this one either!!
  8. Plan little pleasures – yes!! This is more for me!! I think I will (it will probably involve a nice glass of wine later today!!)
  9. Get some herbal help and eat well – yes, might look into this one, but then, some of the herbal treatments can sometimes be just the same as using western medication, so will think on this one!
  10. Less is more – Anna recommends trying to slow down a little and to stop wanting to do everything. I AM DEFINATELY NOT DOING THIS ONE!

It is Year of the MAGS – and I fully intend of making the most of things!

So, lets see if some of this works…maybe I will start at the gym tomorrow!

Mags xx


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