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Ripping the tags off!

Yes, it has happened. My middle area is just expanding! It is a nightmare. Yes, I am more confident than I ever have been, and more comfortable with myself, but I see other women of a similar age and they don’t have their middle expanding!

I go clothes shopping, and find I now have to look for the bigger sizes. It is getting embarrassing. I almost want to rip the size tags off before I go to the counter to buy them (but I expect that could result in the staff in the store thinking I am trying to ‘nick’ them! I can’t do hot flushes in a prison cell!!).

I do find I want to take the tags off when I get home though. Why, I don’t know, its not like I don’t know how big I am getting around my middle, or that my husband hasn’t noticed! No-one else is going to see the tags, so really, there is no point to doing that!

Over the last twelve months I have used many excuses for my weight gain – I had to have an operation (hernia) last year, so used that excuse (I wasn’t allowed to exercise or lift anything heavy…of course, that was only supposed to be for a couple of months, not all year!), I also stopped working full time in hospitality – where I was running around all day, every day, which also kept me slim.

But, I think the reality is, I really don’t want to change my lifestyle. I like sweet things (I have had a sweet tooth my entire life!), I LOVE chocolate, I like a nice glass of wine…the list goes on! I said yesterday I might start looking at going to the Gym, starting today…but that hasn’t happened. I just do not feel like it (and now I am all showered, I really just can’t be bothered!). I don’t think I am lazy (I am a bit of a workaholic), but keeping fit and exercise has never been something that has interested me that much! I even remember back in school in Australia when I was young, sport was compulsory, and I hated it!

I know I should, I know…but I also think I am entitled to do and eat what I want now that I am older. Life is for living, not worrying all the time about things that are really just not that important in the big scheme of things (Oh yes, I know our health is important, but I just don’t want to be worrying about it all the time!).

Now, I have been reading this article about how to reduce and stop weight gain, which involves

  1. Eating more fish (in particular, things like salmon – Win! I love salmon!),
  2. Increasing calcium intake (another win! I can buy those in tablet form!)
  3. Lowering salt intake (Boo!! I love salty things!)
  4. Lowering alcohol intake (another Boo!)
  5. Have more Soy products (Boo, I don’t like it!)
  6. Try iced herbal tea (Win! I like herbal tea!)
  7. Find a diet that fits (eeerrr…not sure about that one!)

So, maybe I can start with the Win ones, I know, its cheating – but I am sure every little bit helps!

I also have a really busy year ahead with various projects, so hopefully that will increase my metabolism as well.

Of course, if this doesn’t work, I will have to rethink…but I might wait until later in the year to see what happens!

Now, MAGS Merchandise store launched yesterday…. Click here to view MAGS Merchandise – of course, if you buy a t-shirt, feel free to take the tags off! I will completely understand!

Mags xx


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