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Killer (Whale!) mood swings!

Ok, so I have just been reading about Killer Whales having menopause the same as human beings. The females stop having babies around 40 years old, but live to be about 90 years old.

They then become the ‘Granny’ of their pod (family), helping raise kids and keeping everyone together! They help find food and generally, are exactly what grandparents in humans do for their own children, help them and pass on their knowledge!

The grandmother also has to look after the males in the group (no difference there then!) whilst the daughters are busy having babies. Apparently the males are more likely to die soon after the grandmother dies…the words ‘Mummys’ boy’ comes to mind!!

No wonder they stop having more babies! It seems to me that they have enough to do…adding getting pregnant and having more babies into that mix just seems like….well, it would be like me having more children now. No way!! I enjoy having time to myself nowadays!! I love my son dearly, but the last thing I would want to do now would be to have more children. Yes, it means I have to put up with menopause, but that has to be easier than having another child!

Now, I know there are serious studies going on about this…but all I can picture is a cranky granny killer whales, whinging about living in the warmer waters and wanting to move to colder waters to stop the hot flushes! I also picture her getting cranky with mood swings, and yelling at everyone when she is in a mood!

I will never be able to get these images out of my head now! I shall now be calling my mood swings and hot flushes ‘Killer mood swings’ and ‘Killer hot flushes’

I like that out of the three only known species that have menopause, Killer Whales is one of them! I can now tell everyone around me that at least my moods are no-where near as bad as what I imaging a Killer Whales mood swing to be!

I haven’t been able to help myself, I even designed a new product for my online store today! A new mug to celebrate my mood swings not being that bad!! Killer Whale Mood Swing Mug

I haven’t been able to find any information on whether or not killer whales do have hot flushes or mood swings (at least if they do, they are in the ocean so won’t be sweating off all their makeup and moisturizer like we do!). I wish I could ask one, so I knew how they dealt with it (go and kill a few things maybe? I have those feelings too…but apparently as a human I am not allowed to – even when they are really annoying!)

So, if anyone can tell me if they do have mood swings/hot flushes and so on, I would love to know! I would love to know how they deal with it!

Maybe the University of Exeter who has been doing this study, can tell me!!

Mags xx



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