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Sleep…I need it!

Oh, it is hectic times we live in! Having watched Theresa May’s speech, I wonder how she gets the energy! Surely she gets menopausal as well!

It has made me wonder…how do people such as herself, and even Maggie Thatcher keep going. I was reading about Maggie Thatcher – she famously only slept 4 hours per night! I am struggling today, because I only had 7 hours sleep last night. The older I get, the more I seem to need! I have become obsessed with making sure I get to bed early, as for some other reason I seem to wake up at dawn EVERY SINGLE DAY! What is with that?

But then, apparently Maggie Thatcher had some type of gene that helped her get through with only 4 hours sleep per night! How fabulous would it be to have 20 hours in the day to utilise!!

Even if I don’t have to go into work, I still wake up early. I lay in bed, and lists start running around my head, and I am so worried I will forget what I have just been thinking about that needs to go onto my list, I feel I need to get up and either start doing said list, or at least write it down onto my list.

Now, I took on a part time job a couple of weeks ago…and somehow, I have now been talked into full time work (this is a great thing of course! I love to feel needed!)…but this does mean my other projects, such as this one and Mags Merchandise will have to be done at odd hours of the day! I am thinking, dawn seems like a good idea! Hubby isn’t up, and I can probably write and sort things out quicker!

Now, I also read that we need less sleep as we get older. I am finding this the reverse! I have found that my sleep tends to be a great deal more broken than it used to be, I wake up more often during the night, but I still need that long sleep every night.

So, what is it? Am I just more tired because my sleep is so broken at night, or is it because I am just getting older?

Why do studies say we need less sleep as we get older? I don’t have the answers sadly, as according to everything I read, the only thing that should be happening during the onset of menopause is insomnia!

Maybe, just maybe, my body is rebelling against menopause!!

Well, I definately don’t have that!

Maybe, it is just down to the fact that I am trying to work as hard as I did when I was younger, but my body just can’t cope with that anymore!

Today, I feel exhausted. I have to run a motivational staff training session this afternoon, and I really just do not feel like it! What to do?

Well, what I always do – crack on, get it done, and hopefully be able to go to bed really early!

Can’t wait!

Mags xx


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