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My life is just beginning!

I have just been reading an article about 10 things successful people never do more than once to create a success. Why am I reading this today? Well, it is my birthday. For me, my birthday makes me reflect more on my life than New Years eve- I am not successful in the monetary sense (although that would be nice!), but even though I have made so many mistakes, I do feel more successful now than I have ever in my life.

As a MAGS – I know I have made many mistakes in life, and repeated them (sometimes I have to do it a couple of times before I realise that I shouldn’t keep doing it as it is not working!)

The beauty of being a MAGS is the experience we have, not only in careers, but in our lives, which help us to understand who we are, and what we are yet to achieve. We are at an age where we are old enough to have learnt some lessons (sometimes really hard lessons!), but still young enough to be able to look forward to more exciting things in our lives!

The list, which is from Nottingham-based sales and marketing firm Emora Ltd about what successful people do not repeat, is as follows:

  1. ‘Return to what hasn’t worked’ I think we all do this at some stage in our lives, we believe in something and want to make it work…but we live and we learn!
  2. ‘Do anything that requires them to be something they are not’ – well, as a MAGS, this gets easier and easier every year! I am no longer afraid to just be myself anymore!
  3. ‘Try to change another person’ – if you are anything like me, you thought you could do this earlier in your life, I have definately now learnt that one does not work!
  4. ‘Believe they can please everyone’ – this is all about being able to say no. As a MAGS we now know you can’t please everyone!
  5. ‘Choose short term comfort over long term benefit’ – well, this one needs no explanation! We have all done it!
  6. ‘Trust someone or something that appears flawless’ – yep, if it appears too good to be true, it is!
  7. ‘Take their eyes off the bigger picture’ – yes, guilty, but not anymore!
  8. ‘Neglect to do due diligence’ – Oh, we all do it, have a dream about doing something, forgetting to look at what is actually the right thing to be doing!
  9. ‘Fail to ask why they are where they find themselves’ – well, I am sure over the years I have definately done this one, but I now do it all the time!
  10. ‘Forget that their inner life determines their outer success’ – This, especially right now with menopause coming on, I can definately understand!

I think this was aimed at the workplace, but it does work in our personal lives as well. The other day I spoke about happiness, which in a way is related to our success. No, not in a monetary, famous type of way, but in the way we see ourselves.

So, today, I am very happy and proud that I am a MAGS. Yes, I look older, yes, I am going through oncoming menopause with all the symptoms, including that lovely middle aged spread, but, I am old enough to have learnt some lessons (and of course, to spend the day listening to 80’s music and dance around without any embarrassment at all!) and young enough to still be able to make my life even more successful!

My life is just beginning!

Woo hoo!!

Mags xxx



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