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I only do it for the good of MAGS everywhere!

So, we are now heading into the second month of Year of the MAGS – and I have just been reading about how hobbies, leisure activities and keeping busy can head off dementia.

Scientists from the Universities of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt studied more than 500 people aged 79 for memory, problem solving abilities and thinking ability. The tests were then repeated every three to four years, until the volunteers reached the age of 90. Each of them also provided information about their activities at various life stages: from 20 to 35, 40 to 55 and 60 to 75.

After analysing the data, and factoring in lifestyle factors including socio-economic status, the team found that those who had taken part in leisure activities in their 40s and 50s had higher thinking skills in old age.

Well, this seems like a GREAT PLAN! So, February will be the month I make sure this is happening! I am already busy with various work projects, which I love, but I have full intentions of actually doing something that is just for pleasure i.e a leisure activity!

Now, this is a great idea, but I am not sure what to do! I don’t like sport, I am not into knitting, sewing, or crafty things of any sort, I am not really sure what I should do as my leisure activity! Any ideas? No, I couldn’t think of any either, so I googled it!

In Wilkipedia – there are five sub categories within Leisure activities!

The first sub category of Leisure activities is Bathing – so maybe I will also take more baths – not sure how this will stop dementia – but for the good of MAGS worldwide, I will make the sacrifice, and give it a go, and let you know if I don’t get dementia – of course, if you don’t hear from me later in life, I possibly have dementia – therefore, baths will not be the solution at all!

Another sub category is ‘Object Manipulation’ – this one I had to look up, it sounded intriguing! It turns out it means juggling, twirling or gymnastics – really do not think this one is for me! I am really uncoordinated, and the thought of trying to do gymnastics at my age just makes me ache before I even start!

Two of the other sub categories are ‘gaming’ (my son tells me this is computer games!) and games – not for me at all (and shouldn’t have to explain those ones!) Yes, I love a good game of Monopoly, but I don’t own a board game, so slightly difficult to do!

Finally, there is tourist activities – now this sounds good! I love travelling and seeing different countries and cultures. Will just try and limit it to the activities that don’t include things such as climbing large mountains! Of course, that will have to wait until I have holidays…

Long, soaky baths for February it is! I will go and buy some lovely bath bombs (enough for the month!) and for the sake of MAGS everywhere, make the sacrifice and have a nice bath every day (as well as my shower of course, I don’t feel clean unless I have had a shower!)

So, For the good of MAGS everywhere, I will sacrifice myself and see if this works! Hehehe!

Mags xxx


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