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Miscalculating with Menopause!

What are the biggest mistakes we can make when going into Menopause and getting older? Well, there are many! We forget we are not 20 anymore – although, in our heads we are, just with more knowledge now! We have all seen them, the people that make huge miscalculations on what they are wearing, how…… Continue reading Miscalculating with Menopause!

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I need a journal for lists!

I have spoken about this before…short term memory loss and oncoming Menopause, but today…I have just found one of my lists (I tend to lose them…write these wonderful lists and then can’t remember where I have put them!) What is at the top of this list I hear you ask? ” Buy a journal, to…… Continue reading I need a journal for lists!

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My mood swings are ‘on fire’!

Well, it has been over a week since my last post, and for this I am sorry, but it turns out my life has become hectic. So many different projects on the go…so much to do, and not so much time! But, I do love being busy… However… Then days like yesterday happen. I was…… Continue reading My mood swings are ‘on fire’!

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I declare the #80smagsweekend OPEN!

It is time – grab the hairbrush! Now, from what I can see, the world is slowly going mad. There seems to be a lot of horrible things going on, and it doesn’t even matter which way you look, or who you have/do support in politics – we all have to admit, it is not…… Continue reading I declare the #80smagsweekend OPEN!

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Erghh…Valentines day is coming….

Whether you are single, in a relationship or married, Valentines day can send shivers down your spine (well, it does for me anyway!). The pressure is on! You have to find something to do on that day! After years of Valentines days’ I can honestly say, it seems to me it has just become a…… Continue reading Erghh…Valentines day is coming….