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I declare the #80smagsweekend OPEN!

It is time – grab the hairbrush!

Now, from what I can see, the world is slowly going mad. There seems to be a lot of horrible things going on, and it doesn’t even matter which way you look, or who you have/do support in politics – we all have to admit, it is not going well for anyone!

I have also just heard from a close friend, who has had some awful news, and she is in a different country to me, so I can’t even be there to help her. She is so upset, and I feel a bit helpless. We all get awful news as life goes on, we find out things we don’t want to happen, and don’t understand why such bad things happen. By the time we hit middle age, we have pretty much seen most things. We have known people that have become very sick, we have known people that have died, we have seen bad things happen in the world…and it can take over our lives and how we look at things.

So, what to do? Sit around wondering what is wrong with the world and with negative things that happen in life and wallow in it….


REMEMBER LIFE IS SHORT…There isn’t so much time left now that I am a MAGS (well, there is still quite a bit of time, but not as much as there was when I was in my 20’s!!)

I declare that as MAGS this weekend we should all dance around our lounge rooms to 80’s music! What a lovely era…maybe I was just young and naive, and didn’t realise what actually went on in the world, but now I know and understand what is happening, I wish I could go back in time!

I am not going to watch the news, I am not going to listen to speeches by politicians or their advisors who don’t seem to understand the difference between the truth and lies, and I am not even going to talk about what is going on.

I am going to get a bottle of wine, get a hairbrush (that is my microphone!) and dance around like an idiot, and enjoy every minute of it! No-one and nothing is going to ruin it for me…!

Want to know what I shall be listening to? Here is my top ten for this weekend

  1. Duran Duran
  2. Psuedo Echo (yep, funky town!)
  3. Guns n Roses
  4. Nirvana (maybe more 90’s than 80’s, but just found it and love it!!)
  5. Culture Club
  6. Wham!
  7. New Order
  8. Pet shop boys
  9. I gave up putting on single songs – here is a longer list!! (I have to find my hairbrush, so I have to stop writing this soon!!)

Right, who is with me? Who is going to spend this weekend doing something fun instead of stressing about the world/life?

I can go back to worrying about the world and life on Monday!

I declare this #80smagsweekend OPEN!!

Mags xx



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