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Stress….menopause and magic pills!

So, over the past week I have felt very stressed, to the extent that I have actually had an eye infection appear – this usually only happens when I am really, really stressed!

Why am I stressed….well, work is busy, and things are happening, but really, it isn’t that stressful – I have dealt with worse in the past. It can only be that I am getting older and oncoming menopause is making me feel this way! The stress I have at the moment should be something I can normally deal with….BUT NO! Apparently not!!

I keep getting angry and upset, then two minutes later, can’t stop giggling I feel so happy….these STUPID, STUPID mood swings just do NOT HELP! (yes, I am yelling!!).

Of course, I am not really helping myself…I haven’t given up coffee, alcohol or started a fabulous training regime to get fit. Now, I know I really should do all these things…but I am also of the opinion that I have to enjoy my life to the fullest as well (and quite frankly, I love coffee….and wine!!)

So, I have taken the right way forward with work, and I am getting rid of all the things that cause me too much stress. I am also trying to focus more on the things that matter in life, and less on the little stuff.

But…then my mood swings kick in…so what happens – I get worked up over nothing (and I mean, nothing!).

Today, I have had some good news, and yet, I still feel stressed! It probably doesn’t help that my eye is sore and I look a little like I have been punched in the eye (which I haven’t…I think with my current mood swings, anyone would be too frightened to punch me in the eye!)

I am getting tired of these mood swings (as I am sure everyone else around me is as well!)…I am FED UP with them!

I want to be able to enjoy things more, and stop getting upset and stressed over NOTHING!

So, what should I do…should I become one of those ‘reformed’ types who give up coffee/alcohol and start a fitness campaign…


Should I just go home this evening and have a glass of wine….and wait for someone to invent some ‘magical’ pill that can fix me without me having to put too much effort in?

Hmmmm…..pretty sure I know which direction I am heading in!

Know anyone into inventing any magical pills soon?!!

Mags xx


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