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We can’t be beaten!

What a hectic time I am having….so yes, decided to take another moment out to talk MAGS stuff!

In amongst designing a new restaurant, drinks menus, hiring staff, working in another job on setting up new contracts with some high end clients, and now writing for a company in Geneva, as well as still writing for Huffington Post UK, I somehow have found the time (and energy!!) to set up some new products for our range!  We are now available on Amazon (woo hoo!!)

Check them out here!

Mags T-Shirt 1

Mags T-shirt 2

I astound myself sometimes! I am still having mood swings, hot flushes, and I find I am tired most of the time…

But – now is my time!! Don’t forget –


I might make 2018 year of the mags as well….seems to be working well right now. Nothing better than being an ‘Middle Aged Girl’ and somehow feeling that I am probably outdoing some younger ones out there (yes, I have taken the challenge to outdo them all!!). I refuse to let getting older become something that will cause stress (after all, that doesn’t help mood swings…does it!!)

I am trying to make this year something to be very proud of! Not that I am not proud of previous years in my life, but now I am getting older, I want every moment to count. I want to be busy, happy and focused!

I am going to make the rest of my life wonderful. After all, no-one else can do it for me…it has to come from me!

My inspiration still comes from my mother…who never stops – as I said before, she is in her 70’s (shhh…sorry Mum!) and still finds the energy to be there for us all!

So, what are you doing this year?

I won’t be beaten by this Menopause thing…will you?

Mags xx


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