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This weekend…IS MAGS WEEKEND!

Why is it going to be a MAGS weekend I hear you ask. Well, after a couple of very stressful weeks…I am glad to announce I have decided that this weekend, I will relax (well, from after work on Saturday!) for a couple of days. Yes, it is a long weekend!

I haven’t even had time to write for MAGS…how bad is that!

I have been working long hours, and also had some extra stresses going on…so have decided that this weekend, I will spend time with my lovely husband, maybe go to a spa (or maybe not, I find that a bit stressful now…just because getting older means my body doesn’t have everything in the right places anymore, and the thought of some young thing who is slim and not menopausal judging me during a spa visit is probably the last thing I need right now!)

I want to listen to Eighties music, sleep, eat, drink and be merry!

In fact – I will start listening to Eighties music RIGHT NOW (yes, I am at work, and yes, everyone is much younger than me…but I WILL EDUCATE THEM!!) Sad thing is…I don’t think most of the team I work with currently hadn’t even been born in the 80’s….ahhh…bless them!!

Yes, I will start singing along as well!

Todays 80’s Playlist!

Although I have been really stressed, I am fully aware that I am very lucky…my job is stressful, but I love it – and I know from speaking to other various people, that this is a rare thing (loving your job!). I just need to find the time to remember how lucky I am!

I have a fabulous husband, a wonderful son, my mum/sisters/brothers are just fabulous and I am also lucky to have some great friends!

I might be getting older, and my middle aged spread is well and truely here, but I still feel young (well, my doesn’t feel that way, just in my head really!)…but I am still very lucky!

I might not have any money, and I might be starting to panic a little about what will happen once I get too old to work, but my life so far, even with its ups and downs has been great! I have travelled extensively, worked in different countries, met and made friends with people from all over the world, always worked in jobs I love, and generally been having a great time!

Yes, I am one Lucky MAGS….so this weekend, I will relax and spend time remembering why I am so lucky, and planning for the future ‘luck’ I will ensure I have in my life!

Mags xx


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