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Gracefully or Disgracefully?

To age gracefully or disgracefully….


I would love to say that I just want to age gracefully, but there are moments when I don’t want to.

I do look at the latest fashion and find it is really not me (well, I don’t think that is to do with age, that is more about me not being 20 years old with a slim figure!). Not that I ever really followed fashion – I have always tried to wear what suits me best, and what I am comfortable in.

Oh, hang on, yes, I did try to follow fashion once, when I was young, and it was the eighties…leg warmers, leotards (I wanted to be Irene Cara in flashdance, but lets face it, I was never co-ordinated enough to dance like that!)….but since the Eighties, I really haven’t tried to follow fashion.

I see women of my age (and older!) trying to wear clothes only girls under 25 should be wearing…quite frankly, they look ridiculous (mutton dressed as lamb anyone?!).

So, in that respect, I suppose you could say I am aging gracefully!

However, I do still like to have a fun time, and do not believe I should have to stop having what I enjoy just because I am getting older!

Now, if you can tell me that as a MAGS you don’t enjoy having a couple of glasses of wine (or your drink of choice!), putting on loud music and dancing around singing at the top of your voice, then you are probably reading the wrong article.

I watch all these people running around, trying to be health fanatics all the time, eating the ‘right food’, exercising like mad people and telling everyone around them that they are enjoying themselves!

If you are really enjoying yourself, you don’t need to go around telling everyone all the time! You are too busy enjoying yourself!

So, does enjoying a drink or two (oh, come on, maybe more!!), dancing around like I am only 21, singing out of tune to old Eighties classics make me disgraceful? Some people will think so. I have been told in the past to ‘act my age’ (whatever that means! Hope it doesn’t mean sitting around knitting or making cakes for a cake sale….that, quite frankly, is not me at all!).

Sometimes I enjoy dancing around to not just old eighties music, but I find I love some of the latest DJ’s…the music can be SOOOOO much fun! Even one of the old school DJ’s I consider to be a little inspiring….look at how much fun this guy is having!

Click here for inspiration by Tiesto!!

Now, he is not aging disgracefully, he is just having fun! I want to have as much fun as him…even when I do get to old to dance around. We see more articles in magazines about women who dress badly, or are not acting their age…but the men seem to be able to get away with more! So NOT FAIR!

Right, today I have decided, I am not going to age gracefully or disgracefully…this MAGS is going to age the way she wants to….and enjoy every minute of it!

Mags xx



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