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I NEED 48 hour days!

Finding time….I find as I get older, finding time for myself is becoming rarer and rarer.

I did think that when my son was young, I had no time…but as I get older, and now that he is older (i.e – he has moved out of home…years ago!), days seem to go so much faster. Why? I don’t want days to go faster, I want them to slow down!

Take today for example, for some reason I thought is was the 24th of April….Suddenly I have realised that it is actually the 24th of May, and that I should be starting to think about making Christmas party menus for work!

What a nightmare! How can this have crept up on me so fast?

My ‘me’ time seems to consist of writing this….that seems to be it! The rest of my time is focused on work (well, I am aware that I am a bit of a workaholic, so that probably doesn’t help!), my husband, the never ending washing (what is WITH THAT??!!!) and looking after my bunny rabbit.

Yes, I have days off work, but yes, I seem to spend them catching up on everything else I haven’t done, and of course, sleeping (the older I get, the more tired I get!)

It probably doesn’t help that I am living in Vietnam right now…yes, in the fabulous Ho Chi Minh City. It is either really hot, or pouring with rain! Both tend to make me feel sleepy! Or maybe, it is just that as a MAGS, I tend to get more tired more often!

But, that is not the point, the point I am trying to make is that my life seems to have become so busy…I struggle to find time to ring family or friends, or even email them (well, to be honest, I could email them now instead of writing this…so here is my effort for today – Hello all!!!)

I love to soak in hot baths, I even have a lovely bathtub in my apartment, but each time I run a bath and hop into it for a lovely soak, my brain goes into overdrive as to what I should be doing! Not relaxing at all!

My friends and family of course, are all the same, the older we all get, the busier our lives get, and there is just never any time!

Yes, I know, I do spend time having the odd glass of wine and dancing around to Eighties music, but I have to force myself to do that, just to relax!

I work with some younger people, one of whom just complained that the days are ‘dragging’….DRAGGING??!! Young ones, what do they know! Lol!

Maybe I am just starting to panic about getting older. Maybe I am trying to hard to fit everything in. Who knows…I just know I don’t want time to keep marching on so quickly. I would like to have 48 hour days…imagine how much stuff you could fit in then…plus have an excellent nights sleep, plus have loads of time for yourself.

Yes, that has to be the answer…I need 48 hour days….that would make things so much better!

Do you as a MAGS find your days going faster and faster?

Mags xx


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