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Prove me wrong!

I sometimes have my writing published with a well known online website, and yesterday, I submited my article ‘It is just an observation’ to them. They told me they cannot publish it, because it had ‘sweeping statements’ in it! Firstly, I had to look up what that meant…just because I haven’t heard it for so…… Continue reading Prove me wrong!

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It is just an observation!

Right, so I am not ranting, this is just a mere ‘observation’ on life! Every time I read about things for further your career, or about what companies are doing to train their teams to get to the next level, or to take a different direction in your career –  it seems to me that…… Continue reading It is just an observation!

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Waxing your legs without removing the hair…..

Right, it has been a VERY long time since I have written anything, but life has sort of taken over! Even after I promised myself I would keep writing! Today, I am purely writing because I need a rant. When we are young, schools talk about how to tell us about sex education, they talk…… Continue reading Waxing your legs without removing the hair…..