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It is just an observation!

Right, so I am not ranting, this is just a mere ‘observation’ on life!

Every time I read about things for further your career, or about what companies are doing to train their teams to get to the next level, or to take a different direction in your career –  it seems to me that the companies are always ‘patting themselves on the back’ for what they are doing to help young people.

I am on Linkedin – which for those of you that don’t know it, is all about professionals networking. Yet, nearly every day I see on the site these companies gloating about how they are focusing on young persons to get them into their industry.

Now, I know, once upon a time, I also was a young person…but now that I am not so young (I am a Mags, not old yet!!! Hehehe!) But, what about all of us? It is well known that mid life crisis happens (well, mostly in men, but they should be ‘observing’ this as well!). We start to look for changes in careers, and for something a little more exciting. We, as not so young people, know more about ourselves, where our strengths lay, and what works for us and the companies we work for.

Yes, we have our downfalls being not so young, physical work can become a burden, our bodies don’t respond like they used to, and yes, we can get hot flushes, be a bit moody (but so are young people!!)…but we have some amazing, even fabulous upsides!

  1. We don’t stay out partying all night, and call in sick the next day.
  2. We don’t go off on maternity leave (now, I know that is not really a politically correct thing to say…but it is true!)
  3. We aren’t worrying about whether our boyfriend is ‘playing away’ – we know enough now to know if they are!
  4. We don’t focus on our social media as much as younger ones!
  5. We have life skills, that have been learnt, over many, many years, and have grown from them!
  6. We don’t care about Kim Kardashian (after all, what is THAT all about!!)

Now, I am 48 years old….going on 49, and I know the people I work with consider me to be ‘old’ (in the hospitality industry…majority of teams are in their early 20’s! Babies!!!!)

But, I still have a good 20 years of work life left (I need to work! For my sanity!). I have knowledge that can only be learnt after years of working, and that can’t be taught by a course or University degree!

What I don’t understand, is we all know people don’t take jobs for life anymore…jobs are taken to grow with. It is rare to see someone in a job for over long periods of time, so again, what about the not so young!

I know, I have seen some companies, take on older persons, but they are a rarity.

So, recruiters of the world, how about it, when will you start looking at what really counts!

Mags xx


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