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Prove me wrong!

I sometimes have my writing published with a well known online website, and yesterday, I submited my article ‘It is just an observation’ to them.

They told me they cannot publish it, because it had ‘sweeping statements’ in it!

Firstly, I had to look up what that meant…just because I haven’t heard it for so long, I really wanted to get an understanding of what ‘sweeping statements’ actually means!

So, it actually means this: “If someone makes a sweeping statement or generalization, they make a statement which applies to all things of a particular kind, although they have not considered all the relevant facts carefully”

Well, yes, it didn’t have facts or had long studies done for the article…it was after all – an OBSERVATION!!!

I was only writing as a Mags, who has observed what is going on with life, in the work arena! Sadly, I know it is not just me that observes what is going when it comes down to younger persons getting more opportunities in the work and training opportunities!

All the opportunities for extra training and changes in career are always aimed at younger persons! I just don’t see opportunities advertised for the Not So Young!

So, if my observations are now ‘sweeping statements’ let me say this: When I see a change, and more opportunities are opened up to not so young persons, I will delete my post on here!!!

So, lets start the study now – prove me wrong companies and recruiters!

Start looking at the fantastic opportunities you could have by recruiting the No So Young!!! Bet you won’t regret it!

Mags xx


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