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Where is the wine people?!!

Ok, I have just read a short article about Portsmouth brewery ( which has released…


Craft beer for Menopausal women!!!!!

I am so impressed!! It is about time!! Credit to them!!! They are now my HEROES!!! In an industry which predominately caters for the men of the world…they have broken down a barrier.

I looked at their website, and found this fabulous women Joanne Francis has done this! Her quote on the website “Let’s take the needle off the record.  A whole world of women love craft beer and many more will discover it.  For new consumers, this could be an awakening. But remember, many of us have been enjoying craft beer since the whole movement began in the mid-80s. We have purchasing power and we deserve this empowering elixir!” fills me with joy!!!

Now, those that know me, know that I don’t really drink beer….but the fact that this is happening in an industry I have worked in my entire life (the good old hospitality industry!) I hope everyone who runs a pub/bar/restaurant puts this beer in.

This has made my day!! Now, what could top that I hear you ask?!

This is a call out to every wine maker and every gin maker of the world.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE A WINE AND A GIN THAT IS FOR MENOPAUSAL WOMEN (Cheesemakers feel free to get involved too!!)

If that happens, my life will be complete!

So, if any of you know any winemakers/ginmakers (cheesemakers!) please ask them nicely (or not so nicely if you need to!) to follow Joannes lead!

Joanne – from Menopausal women everywhere…


Mags xx


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