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Ohhhhh….I AM HOT!

Sadly, not ‘hot’ as in stunning/beautiful or young looking, I mean I am having a day of many, many, many hot flushes!

I am sitting in my office, air conditioner is set at 16degC….yet, I am sweating.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to roll around in some snow right now!

Now, apparently the average woman goes through menopause for 4 years…


Am I supposed to live my life having these hot flushes for the next four years?!! Now, I know some will say ‘look at taking HRT’ – well, after reading the article the other day about how some women fall pregnant after menopause because they were taking HRT, I say there isn’t a chance I am doing that!!!!

So, I have read about various things that are supposed to help, including putting a dab of peppermint oil on the back of your neck, taking evening primrose oil and more.

But what I think would really help is to make air conditioners go lower than 16degC. Or provide baths in offices full of ice. Or have George Clooney follow us around with a fan (although, not sure that would make things cooler!!).

I have even taking to looking a pictures of snow in the hope that it might ‘trick’ my brain into thinking I am there in the picture!

So, what to do? What should I try? I only want to use natural remedies…there must be something out there…I don’t remember studying the Aboriginals (I went to school in Australia) at school and hearing about how the ‘elders’ were having hot flushes, becoming moody and wanted to sit in snow!!! I don’t see any history on it at all!

If you google the history of menopause, it just says some french guy ‘coined the phrase’ in 1821, and then physicians would prescribe Opium to relieve symptons (wonder if that works!! Not sure any doctor would be up for prescribing it now though!!)

I think women had a secret solution to menopause in the past, and thought it would be funny not to pass it down to us! Yes, that must be it! Some woman somewhere was having a mood swing and said not to pass the information down (maybe because it wasn’t working for her!!)

So, what works for you? (please, please, please tell me!!!)

Mags xxx


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