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I have just read that Grease (that fabulously tacky movie with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta) is NEARLY 40 YEARS OLD!!

What happened, where has the time gone? I remember feeling left out because all my friends (well, I am exaggerating here…but at the time I felt it was all my friends!) were allowed to go see the movie, and I couldn’t. I – was too young!

This just tops off the year, with menopause kicking in (yep, today, I am STILL HOT!!) and of course, famous people who were icons dying off.

So, today I SAY NO!! I don’t want to get any older. It isn’t fair!! In my head I am still 20…why can’t my body just accept what my head says?!

I refuse to get any older – so it looks like I will be aging ‘disgracefully’! I will be dancing around (when my body has the energy of course, and when my hot flushes are in motion!!!) in my lounge room to loud music this weekend.

I will be the one the neighbours complain about…because of the loud music. I will be the one that has a tantrum when I don’t get my own way…I will make them wonder what kind of teenagers now live in my house…I shall start believing I am younger…that should work….shouldn’t it?!

I could of course, do what many others do and become a fitness freak…eat more healthy….give up wine (OMG that is hard to type!!)…but…where is the fun in that?! More to the point…how boring are these people who have been ‘converted’ and are now ‘health fanatics’!

Every year someone dies doing a marathon…and sometimes they are not even old! So, no, that is too dangerous…better to dance around in my loungeroom with a glass of wine in hand…and eat cheesey snacks…much safer way to live my life!!

So – NO – I will not get older…on my next birthday I shall turn 21…and celebrate accordingly!

Mags xxx

PS – If you need reminding about how COOL Grease actually is…click the link!! You’re the one that I want!


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