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Hot flushes and Christmas jumpers..

I have spent the last few weeks wishing I was living in a colder country. I envy every single person out there who is going to have a cold Christmas!

Then I started thinking…what would I do if I was living in a colder country, and the Chrismtas jumpers started coming out?!

I cannot imagine getting a jumper out – even if I was in a foot of snow right now! The thought makes feel a little stressed – which will only give me more hot flushes!!

Then I thought…ok…well…only one thing for it! Create us Mags a Christmas ”jumper”! No, not your traditional type at all…but for the sake of staying cool…worth it!

This is the first one Click here to order your Christmas ‘Jumper’

Watch this space…more designs coming over the next week! Just in time!

Mags xxx


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