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Netflix – pull yourself together!!!

So, Netflix, in their wisdom, have suspended production on House of Cards because of the Kevin Spacey drama going on.

Well, this makes me MAD!! For those of you that haven’t seen House of Cards, it is a TV show about a ‘Power COUPLE’ (YES, NOTE THE SHOUTING ABOUT THE COUPLE BIT!!).

I really liked the show…I completely understand the producers of the show wanting to ‘dump’ Kevin Spacey..but to stop the entire show?! Are they NUTS!

The other half of the couple ‘Clair’ (Robin Wright) who plays a strong, powerful woman in the show! I would give anything to be as strong as her (maybe not as corrupt though!!)

What Netflix are saying, is basically, the show would not be good enough without the male lead alongside the female lead. Now, I know women struggle everywhere in their careers. I know that America was not ready for a female President (look where they are now!) – but surely on a FICTIONAL SERIES we can keep a show we love with just the female lead!

After all, if we can’t have strong female leads on fictional storylines holding a show together in 2017…we have no hope!!

This, after I have spent two days over the last week coaching young girls on Womens Empowerment, and what that means in todays world!

Come on Netflix – pull yourselves together! You can’t just suspend production on a show because the male lead has done stupid things! Why make more people suffer because of his wrongdoings?! Don’t we all suffer enough when men do stupid things!!!!

Rant over!

Oh, and just in case Netflix have suspended production to rewrite and have ‘Clair’ be the sole lead, then I apologise for my rant!!

Mags xx


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