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Where is the ‘Pause’ in ‘Menopause’?

Research shows that once you are a year into Menopause, you cannot get pregnant (unless you are one of those people taking HRT, and are unaware that it still CAN happen! NO THANK YOU! )

So, why isn’t Menopause called

  1. ‘Menostop’ or
  2. ‘Meno made me into a Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated and forgetful Bitch’!!!

After all, I am not getting any ‘Pauses’!!! Why can’t there just be one week without the sleeplessness and having hot flashes?!

In 1821 a French physician named de Gardanne first coined the term menopause when he published his book “De la ménopause, ou de l’âge critique des femmes” using the term menopause to describe the phase in a woman’s life.  So the English term menopause came from the French term ménopause. So now the question is, how did de Gardanne come up with the word ménopause?

Being a physician, de Gardanne was using medical terminology when he coined the term menopause.  Virtually all medical terminology comes from ancient Latin or ancient Greek. So the French term ménopause came from the medical Latin term “menopausis”. Medical Latin was created at the time of the renaissance when Greek was no longer widely understood. Medical Latin is a form of Latin that retained numerous Greek medical terms. The word “menopausis” is one of those terms which is actually a Greek term but was translated into medical Latin.

But…I suppose it wasn’t a woman coining the phrase (otherwise, I am sure she would have gone for Option 2!). Or, maybe it was, and maybe she did opt for Option 2, and just forgot to tell anyone!! Hehehe!

So, as I sit typing this today…sweating (and yes, my air conditioner is set at 16degC) and feeling cranky and oh so tired I wonder if I can turn off the ‘pause’ and just get it all to ‘finish’!!!

I think instead of having all these scientists working on drugs to stop the symptoms, why aren’t they working on something to get Menopause to finish quicker?!

I would definately be in for that!

Mags xxx



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