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It is the simple things…..

Ok, yes, I have been bad…I haven’t been writing for a few weeks…why? Just so busy!! But – in a good way. Last weekend, I took a trip to Hanoi – with hubby, but for work! Lovely – except for one small, tiny thing!! Since becoming a MAGS – I have complained about getting older,…… Continue reading It is the simple things…..

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More coffee needed!

I have just read this article on BBC news about how more and more women are setting up their own businesses because they want to have more time for their kids… There was a report was commissioned by notonthehighstreet.com, the online marketplace. Since it was founded 10 years ago, it’s seen a huge growth in…… Continue reading More coffee needed!

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Work and getting oh so slightly older…

Work, now we have all done it/doing it (unless of course you are filthy rich, in which case, you must be bored!)…what a difference there is as we get older! I was made to think about this as I heard about an ex-collegue who had been laid off (well, I think he was asked to…… Continue reading Work and getting oh so slightly older…

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I don’t want to get old!

I am having a VERY hard week….I have had a bit of bad news, which never seems to leave my mind…this on top of already feeling stressed with work and normal life pressures (of which, there seem to be alot right now!). I have also started a bit of a panic – not sure if…… Continue reading I don’t want to get old!

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Miscalculating with Menopause!

What are the biggest mistakes we can make when going into Menopause and getting older? Well, there are many! We forget we are not 20 anymore – although, in our heads we are, just with more knowledge now! We have all seen them, the people that make huge miscalculations on what they are wearing, how…… Continue reading Miscalculating with Menopause!

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I need a journal for lists!

I have spoken about this before…short term memory loss and oncoming Menopause, but today…I have just found one of my lists (I tend to lose them…write these wonderful lists and then can’t remember where I have put them!) What is at the top of this list I hear you ask? ” Buy a journal, to…… Continue reading I need a journal for lists!