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It is just an observation!

Right, so I am not ranting, this is just a mere ‘observation’ on life! Every time I read about things for further your career, or about what companies are doing to train their teams to get to the next level, or to take a different direction in your career –  it seems to me that…… Continue reading It is just an observation!

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C’mon Canada…! Cougar and a Moose!

Do you have a friend that is a ‘Cougar’? I think we all do…but why are they called Cougars? Men seem to get away with more…there are so many men with younger wives/girlfriends, and that just seems to be normal. We don’t blink at all when we hear people such as Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King,…… Continue reading C’mon Canada…! Cougar and a Moose!