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I am keeping my hot flushes!

I have just been reading an article about this woman who after years of taking HRT after the start of her menopause seven years ago…now get this! SHE FELL PREGNANT! Experts believe that her ovulation may have restarted by the HRT drugs she was taking to remedy hot flushes she was having. There have been…… Continue reading I am keeping my hot flushes!

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Where is the wine people?!!

Ok, I have just read a short article about Portsmouth brewery ( which has released… WAIT FOR IT Craft beer for Menopausal women!!!!! I am so impressed!! It is about time!! Credit to them!!! They are now my HEROES!!! In an industry which predominately caters for the men of the world…they have broken down a…… Continue reading Where is the wine people?!!

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Prove me wrong!

I sometimes have my writing published with a well known online website, and yesterday, I submited my article ‘It is just an observation’ to them. They told me they cannot publish it, because it had ‘sweeping statements’ in it! Firstly, I had to look up what that meant…just because I haven’t heard it for so…… Continue reading Prove me wrong!

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Oh…the benefits!

No, I don’t mean the benefit of being able to blame our mood swings on our oncoming menopause (or midst menopause!)…I am talking about having the knowledge and the confidence to start new things! YES!! It is Year of the MAGS – we need to grab our opportunities and run with them! In today‚Äôs entrepreneurship…… Continue reading Oh…the benefits!