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Prove me wrong!

I sometimes have my writing published with a well known online website, and yesterday, I submited my article ‘It is just an observation’ to them. They told me they cannot publish it, because it had ‘sweeping statements’ in it! Firstly, I had to look up what that meant…just because I haven’t heard it for so…… Continue reading Prove me wrong!

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It is just an observation!

Right, so I am not ranting, this is just a mere ‘observation’ on life! Every time I read about things for further your career, or about what companies are doing to train their teams to get to the next level, or to take a different direction in your career –  it seems to me that…… Continue reading It is just an observation!

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Waxing your legs without removing the hair…..

Right, it has been a VERY long time since I have written anything, but life has sort of taken over! Even after I promised myself I would keep writing! Today, I am purely writing because I need a rant. When we are young, schools talk about how to tell us about sex education, they talk…… Continue reading Waxing your legs without removing the hair…..

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It is the simple things…..

Ok, yes, I have been bad…I haven’t been writing for a few weeks…why? Just so busy!! But – in a good way. Last weekend, I took a trip to Hanoi – with hubby, but for work! Lovely – except for one small, tiny thing!! Since becoming a MAGS – I have complained about getting older,…… Continue reading It is the simple things…..

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More coffee needed!

I have just read this article on BBC news about how more and more women are setting up their own businesses because they want to have more time for their kids… There was a report was commissioned by, the online marketplace. Since it was founded 10 years ago, it’s seen a huge growth in…… Continue reading More coffee needed!